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First timer needing help with clone


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I'm a first time grower and I've got a clone that I could use a little assistance with.

I got my clone 18-20 days ago as a belated birthday gift. Last night I knew she was getting ready to be transplanted as she had doubled in size. So I read about it and realized I was cutting the transplant time really close. I did the transplant today and saw she had a really good amount of long roots that were almost too much for the red plastic cup she started in.

Her leaves were beginning to get yellow on the tips on all levels of the plant. I had given her barely any nutrients to this point save one dose of 16-16-16, but kept it very, very minimal. Just before transplant the leaves started looking worse than they did last night as you will see in the "after" pic I will try and post here. I know it is not uncommon for the leaves to yellow a bit and curl up at the tips because they are drawing nitrogen from the leaves for root growth during this period. And with the large amount of long roots she had, that may be a big part of the problem.

I'm using Pro Mix growing medium so she can get plenty of oxygen and have good water drainage. To help with the shock of the transplant I gave her a good soaking, about 6-8oz, of Superthrive (1Ml to 1 gallon Aquafina to keep PH at around 7). then I touched her up with about 4 capfuls of the original 16-16-16 mix (about a pinch in a 16 oz water bottle) using Dasani as the water base for it. (Ph of around 4).

A few of the yellowing leaf tips have squished up and turned a little brown. They are not brittle, so I know it isn't heat damage. (I'm using one of those squiggly energy saving florescent lights people use in their table lamps which don't get very hot).

I'm not sure if she is looking sad because I starved her a little before transplant, or if this is just a normal stage in development. She also has two leaves that have a strange, circular indent in them. I have sprayed her down with Bayer and have made sure she has no spider mite or any other bug problem. So I know that is not the cause either.

Any help on this is much appreciated. :thanks:


The before pic about 3 hours before transplant


About 5 minutes after transplant. Done on a cell, sorry it's so blurry.

PS. She looks like she is taking the shock pretty well. It took about 3 minutes all together to do it and there were no problems.


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Oh, one more thing that might account for it. While I normally keep her in a reflective box, I had her out overnight as I prepared to transplant her. And she was in a room I smoke in. I found out that nicotine and tar can clog up her pores and limit how gas comes in and out. I thought smoke would be good for her because of the carbon dioxide, and found I was very, very wrong. I've rectified the problem and gave her a light misting of regular water to try and wash anything she may have got in her away.
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