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First Timer - Undecided on Strain - Substrate - Lighting


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Hello world, I live in Denver so I wanted to try growing for the first time. So, I have been reading up for the last few hours and days and really am very torn as to where to start, but i definitely wanted to record all my experiences in a journal, as well as first and foremost get solid advice so I don't waste my time and money. Anyway, I hear a lot of different things from just do soil, to buy a pH meter very first thing and jump into DWC. My gut is to go with soil for the first grow, but alas I am not the expert, and hopefully you all are! :) anyway I have a basement closet that I think is big enough, and has a window to outside very close to it, which I am going to need for fresh air right? Keeping the smell down doesn't matter at all. Portability may be a factor as well since I may be moving in May. My single goal is producing the highest possible THC and CBD content. I cant think of anything else that may be relevant right now but I will post pics of my room in the next 30-40 mins. Thanks for all the help in advance.



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thats fine cut legs off one side of the table tho. lol just kidding.
it dont matter light and water matters in this game.

need anything help or questions pop over and ask. WS


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Welcome to 420 magazine WhiteShark
I'm gonna suggest you give a little more info on why your wanting to grow, like for recreation or medical use so people can help out on strain choices and like said above your space can do. Another thing is your budget you can start up with too. You may not get the best help with a so open question but you are definitely at the right place to get real questions answered by some of the best most helpful people.
This link helps starting out 420 Magazine ®
and we have sponsors Sponsors : 420 MAGAZINE ® offering great equipment to do this that most of their stuff can be searched for here posted by regular users to see how well things worked for them in situations similar to your own.
Goog Green Wishes getting started :thumb:


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Well it is definitely recreational, but I still would really like to have a really potent strain. I want people to comment on how stoned they are after lol. Everyone I know around here either has garbage uncured weed, or its way too expensive which is why my answer is to grow. :) As for budget, I dunno what a realistic number to get going is, but like hopefully around $500??


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So my next question is, what do I need to set up a germination station? lol that sounds retarded but idk how else to say it I'm baked haha:volcano-smiley: Also, how in the world do I get seeds here in less than 30 days? haha :)

P.S. I did grow up on a farm, with multiple vegetable gardens in addition to a couple hundred acres so I know the basics on just general plant growth pretty well I think, and if something is alot cheaper DIY I would consider it. I'm fairly handy with that shtuff.

Thanks Guys!
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cost me about 1200-1400 when I got started
Welcome to 420 mag :thumb:
im sure you can buy seeds there from a dispensary or even clones
if not get em online we got great sponsors here and even in Hawaii it takes less than 30 days for seeds to arrive


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Things are starting to come together a little bit! I ordered some White Widow seeds from a place in Canada so that is where I will start my canna-venture. Also today I watch probably 4-5 hours of CO Finest youtube videos about....well everything haha. But He made me really want to LST and Scrog on the first go round. I do not see why everyone doesn't Scrog every time?? Anyway it interesting and a little more work which will be fun. Next I need to hit the Hydro store and see what they have. I am slowly compiling a list of what I want need/

1)Light- Obviously the most important part. I am still undecided. The leading candidates are a 4' 8 bulb T5 type setup, a 400w HPS, or maybe a cheap 220ish LED setup. I really really love the UV part they seem to provide and plus they just look badass. lol I also would really like to veg/flower under the same light because of the KISS rule haha. which is also why..

2) I am definitely going to use soil in 2 gallon smart pots with trays. The soil I want to try first is a Fox Farms equal blend of Ocean Forrest, Warrior and Happy frog, with an inch layer of sand on top of that, exactly how CO Finest does his grows. . Since essentially I could just pH adjust my water and not add any other nutrients right?

3) I want to germinate my seeds very simply in Solo cups with half soda bottles over them for a mini and ghetto humidity bubble for each of my 5 feminized (hopefully) seeds. How long should I leave them in the solo cups once they sprout?

4) I have seen alot alot alot of different things about how long to veg for. I was thinking 6 weeks veg, then 8 weeks 12/12 maybe let it go into 9 or 10 since i do want to scrog. Just depends I guess. The website said 8 week flowering period but idk CO Finest likes to veg for a hella long time and I don't think I am that patient. haha

5) Obviously I have to have a little air circulation! however this is also going to have to involve my building of a plastic zipper door I've seen a couple people talk about. Any further help there would be greatly appreciated. What is the best material? And should I make a whole mini grow tent out of it maybe? Idk just a thought. Anyway pretty basic desire here. small intake and exhaust fans that will be routed towards windows and then one other small cheap walmart fan, not to blow directly on the plants but just keep them dry and no stale air under them.

6) Netting for the scrog net. I have read that 2"x2" is the perfect netting size and I will measure my room out tomorrow and probably build the PVC scrog net at 25 in off the ground. although on second thought I won't be needing this for awhile so.....anyway

7) Should I buy a pH meter?

8) Do you guys think I will need nutes? and if so what would you guys recommend?

9) What have I forgotten about? lol




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didnt cost me much at all to start. just Cfls and a box.


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yea it all depends what you want to use to start you can add as you go too

1) I started with some special t-8's which I used in the beginning to veg and bloom now I just use em to veg
led's to bloom now I don't need the heat from the hps/mh bulbs which will also make you have to run a fan to cool hoods and well you need more some people like to use those during winter to help warm up the growspace but where I am all I am concerned with is keeping the heat down

2) ive used ffof straight and never added a thing from start to finish don't know how the mix is when you use the 3 you mentioned cause we cant get happy frog and I don't think ive seen warrior here either a lot of people burn seedlings with ffof I was lucky enough that I didn't have that issue but the happy frog should cut it down I don't know whats in the warrior, ultimately the plants will tell you if you need to add nutes later in the grow

3) rooting plugs like rapid rooters are great for sprouting just need to keep it damp you can sprout em in cups id say if you dome them once they sprout and have the first set of leaves take the dome off just make sure you water sometimes its ok if it dries out a bit as long as it doesn't stay totally dry for too long a period

4) your gonna grow in soil usually the only soil plants I had vegged for awhile cause I used them for mothers im mainly hydro for me I only do 3 weeks most times for soil I would say see how big the plants are and assume they will stretch 2-3 times its size when put into bloom

5) they sell zippers at what would you call them places that sell fabric and such they got ones you can just stick on if im not mistake
panda film would be good to use for a cover white on one side black on the other
as far as venting out the window will there be an issue later on down the line if you got smell venting straight outside?
like close neighbors and such

6) 2 inch by 2 inch squares is fine you can even go up to 4 inch squares

7) ive never used a ph meter for soil but if you plan to stick with soil id get a decent soil ph meter
some people just get the one for hydro and check the runoff ph

8) as far as nutes go theres a wide variety of nutes and opinions so ill stay out of this one cause I do mainly hydro and soil nutes for some manufacturers differ a bit from hydro

hope I helped a bit


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wow got tired of reading. lol just kidding . yeah all that is good too. to much work for me. oh the pain of learning. messing up and learning is the fun part tho. all that just takes away from what a person is doing. ideas and learning is what makes it more rewarding when everything you strive and fight to grow , worth it. to me that is.


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So the closet is prob going to be a problem.

Ventilation is huge in growing. If you dont have good air flow, dont waste your time you will fight a uphill battle to get healthy plants. You will also have a heat problem since you cant vent the air in and out.

Part of the space is a slope which is not going to be useable for your plants to grow right and you wouldnt be able to tend to your plants.

That area is also probably prone to insect problems. Soil will not make this any better.

T5 will be your more cost effective approach on light and help with heat issues. You will have to change bulbs to flower.

Personally rdwc is the route that i believe is better. Plants grow faster and bigger.

Plants are not big on moving. You change one factor in your environment and you have a problem. So if you move in mid cycle they will go in shock, as well as mess with your light cycle.

I would just suggest in getting a super closet in one of those metal cabinets. Gonna cost more than 500 though


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That was some good advice I just read.
I'm smaller personal grower with little money ,I would get a Led light which veg and flowers probably similar start up cost as that T5 and use less electricity and not have to switch or replace bulbs overtime ending up being cheaper by after a good harvest 1st time maybe.I have a 4bulb 4foot t5 to veg with Ru ning more watts and giving more heat than my 96 x3w reflector in flower at about 170 bucks from a sponsor . I think it only gives a 2.5 x 2.5 light footprint in my thoughts/exp so far.I want to get another one or maybe a little more better one and replace my t5 someday


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im coming up on 3 years in april on my first set of led's and they do make a difference on bloom compared to flouros
but I still use flouros to veg works great I wont use anything else to veg since the bulbs I use are only 25 watts a piece
and cool enough for the plant to grow into them

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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