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First timer ventilation advice?


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Hi guys,

I'm about to set up my first grow space, been doing a lot of research and reading and I'm pretty confident that I'm ready to pull the trigger and order my equipment, I just have one question regarding the ventilation system for my space..

Grow tent: 2.5 ft x 2.5 ft x 5.25 ft
Light: 350W full spectrum LED (with built in heat sinks & cooling fans)
Medium: Hydro, 2-4 plants
Ventilation: 6" 440 CFM exhuast fan & carbon scrubber (top), 2x 4" passive air intake (bottom)
Air flow: 2x small clip fans

I'm planning on having my grow tent in my bedroom in a basement apartment, unfortunately my room has no windows (Vancouver real estate.. don't ask), so I would ideally like to vent in & out from my bedroom itself (approx 300 sq ft). I'm not worried about heat from the exhaust as much as the available C02 being pulled into the tent.. will pulling air in from my bedroom (with door cracked open if necessary) be sufficiently "fresh" and C02 abundant or do I need to look at intake ducting to a different room with a window? I'd really like to avoid this if possible!

Either way I'm stoked to get started, I would love to hear from you guys as to what you would do in my position!


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Welcome to the Club @nar2me
Fresh air is crucial to a healthy grow
You may be ok with a passive intake if you have a window open somewhere else in your apartment that would allow air to enter your bedroom
Humidity can indeed be an issue, as well as getting rid of heat


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Thanks @ChronicCanuk and @Stunned for the feedback.. I'll look into ways of venting out the window of the room beside me. May involve moving into the spare room but whatever, it'll be worth it long-term!
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