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well, this will be more of a personal blog than anything, hope some of you will read it and i would love to hear any feedback at all. It is my first time growing (other than a small closet show years ago). I have in laws who are Gurus, but alas they are now out of communication for a month or so.
it was a large investment, i didn't start small. And get this, i rented a lovely little perfect home. small enough to keep all heating bills and what not down, all electrical was up graded so its safe and sound, and a perfect unfinished room downstairs with two 6" openings ( old chimney and vent ) The catch was after all was said and done, i was presented with a sub lease stating the property manager gets to inspect the home every three months. SHIT!!! all systems were a go at this point so i decided to try it out. my whole room is designed for quik take down, a bigger than necessary filter and a whole lot of hope.
my room: about 11 by 14 by 7 foot ceilings.
I'm running 6 1000w air cooled reflectors with electronic ballasts. I'm trying a method of in taking through the can 125 filter via a 10'' fan through the lights and out the exhaust. The first problem was after ripping the small access off the chimney, i became aware it was only a 6'' duct on the other side. there is a 2 inch gap between the cement foundation (chimney opening ) and a sub wall. i intend on trying to seal this gap as much as possible, hoping most of it will be pushed out the duct and the rest distributed into another room, I'm just worried about air pressure and maybe it not going out the duct. I will try and direct the air into it as much as possible but still a 10" going to a 6" exhaust. I guess i could exhaust into the rest of the home but was hoping for a muffler effect from the chimney.
I have a 6" intake fan that will suck in a distribute air around the room. I have run 6" duct around the room to distribute air through out.
The reflectors are fixed in two rows of three, I'm not sure of the heat factor yet as I'm still installing but from reflector to floor is 65". I am growing Freezeland as a sativa strain, in 2 gallon containers that are 7.5 inches high, giving me around 56.5" to play with including the buffer from light to plant.
I will be growing 15 plants per light per 4 by 4 foot square. I am thinking that pruning the tops will be a must to keep them from growing to tall and thin, and more small and bushy. ANY ADVICE ON PRUNING AND CAN IT BE DONE IMMEDIATELY? I am hoping for a two month cycle.
I am growing in coco, haven't mixed it yet, but am planning a 3-1 ratio of perlite. Lime will be added to balance PH.
My fertilizers will be listed later as I'm too lazy to go get the products now.
If anyone is reading this, feedback would be greatly appreciated, at any point. Let me know if anything is whack, or looks good, or if I'm misinformed on anything. I am very excited to grow some 100 % organic goods. I am a little nervous as to the large investment, land lord and Po Po, but wish me luck, i can't turn back now. Thanks everyone and i hope i can provide some entertainment.


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im not much of a fan of the idea that its being done in a rental house. expecially on that large of a scale. if i were the landlord, i'd be pissed.

either way... plants can be topped around the 4th node.


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yes i understand this, i have done everything to insure the house will not be harmed or altered in any way. i am doing it with the utmost respect for others property. It was the only option i have until next year to buy on my own.
thank you for the pruning tip.

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Is this grow still alive?

If so, please update us with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read the photo gallery tutorial:
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I am moving this to abandoned journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world!

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine!
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