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Im trying to grow some blueberry and not sure what Im looking at i/2 the plants have purple stems and the other 1/2 are green stems is this telling me the sex or what I have 7 plants and having fun growing them. pictures to follow.having problems loading pictures sorry
They look good for wild, outdoor girls. ;)
Anything you can do to get them more light (like clearing away surround foliage) will be for the good, especially this late in the season.
Did you do anything to improve the soil? If not, you may want to add some fertilizer.
Happy growing.
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thanks with the stalks being different colors even though they are the same strain??what is with that ? can't remove foliage as it is my raspberry plants.any thing else I should do and what about the sex of my plants or do I have to wait for the flowering stage?
There are lots of ideas about how to read the gender of plants before flowering (e.g. internodal distance), but as far as I know, they're all bunk and ya just gotta wait and see.

My understanding from my reading is that purple stems can result from both genetics and from conditions, such as temperature and nutrient deficiencies--and that even plants that may be genetically predisposed to purpleness (which is just anthocyanin pigment, which I believe is always present at some level) can vary from plant to plant. The takeaway from that would seem to be to give them the best growing conditions you can, including balanced fertilization that is appropriate for their life stage (more N in vegetative growth, more P and K in flowering), and don't worry about it beyond that.

I'm glad your giving raspberries equal status with cannabis. ;) I like raspberries.