First year growing hemp: Questions


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Hello everyone. Just want to go ahead and say thanks for any help or advice.

I’m in Tennessee, and our hemp industry recently just kicked into full swing with the passage of new legislation. I’ve been approved and have received my license to grow, and I already have strips plowed in my fields ready to go. I’ve built a greenhouse. Etc...

I’m going to be growing 8,400 plants which I will set on a 10’ x 10’ grid over a span of about 20 acres of land (I’m not really judging by the acreage).

As I understand it, right now with hemp the two main purposes to grow it is either for CBD or for the flower (yes, I know there is fiber, but we’re not really getting into that yet).

Up until now, I have assumed that with the amount of plants I’m growing that I would be growing it for biomass rather than for the flower. I was under the impression that growing for the flower was much more labor intensive and therefore unfeasible for the amount I’m growing. I’ve heard that the price estimates for the biomass range anywhere from $50-$75 per pound depending on CBD level. I’ve also been under the impression that because of the attention to detail flower requires that I would have to raise significantly fewer plants if I were to go that route.

However, recently I’ve been told by some folks that growing 8,400 plants for flower is not necessarily unfeasible, and that the flower could easily bring $300-$500 per pound. I’ve been told that the actual growing process for the flower is not much more in depth than growing for biomass, and that most of the difference is in the harvesting, trimming, and packaging. I’ve heard that the only difference in the growing process is just a matter of keeping pests off of it, and adding a good nutrient to it like alfalfa meal or something. Other than that I’ve heard that it’s not totally unfeasible to grow 8,400 plants in a field and sell them for flower. I’ve heard that I could easily just purchase a trimmer or even a few trimmers to trim the flowers off of them, then dry them in those little baskets and vacuum seal them.

Now that I’ve learned some of this information, I’m now trying to decide whether or not I want to grow for biomass or for flower. We are growing for a company that is fronting us the mother plants to clone from, then sourcing our crop to the highest bidder they can find for a percentage of our crop. If I can make that kind of money per plant from selling the flower, I would do whatever it takes, buy whatever equipment I need, and hire whoever I need to hire in order to grow, harvest, and process my 8,400 plants for the flower. I mean, we’re talking somewhere on the order of $12.6 million for my whole crop at the high end if I were able to pull it off. It seems almost too good to be true considering my overhead and investment is peanuts compared to that kind of profit.

Is any of this even remotely true that I’ve said? Or do I have it all wrong? Is my idea of growing my whole crop outdoors for flower feasible or possible?

Thank you so much for any and all help or information!

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My neighbor had been growing hemp for 2-3 years...he has the capability to grow more, but he has grown 4-6 acres every summer...maybe this is because his buyer only agreed to buy that amount. He gets $25 per pound...and is laughing all the way to the bank (he grew 8,000 lbs last summer). Getting the price you quoted for flower seems crazy high, but if you can get it great. It sounds like you need to get some guarantees in writing and you can sleep easier.



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Thanks. However, I think you might be conflating growing for biomass vs selling the flower outright by the pound. I’ve heard you can get $1,500 per plant if it’s the right quality. Biomass you’re probably correct. $25/lb sounds about right, though a little low compared to what I’ve heard. Your neighbor might have a lower CBD content in the strain he plants. That’s probably why his price is on the lower end. I’ve heard that the going price is roughly $5 per percent point if you’re somewhere around 12%- 13% or more. It’s more if you’re certified organic. But I’ve heard that if you’re harvesting, trimming, and selling the flower itself by the lb, people aren’t touching that for anything less than $400 per lb. I’m just trying to find out if it is physically feasible/possible to grow for the flower at the number of plants I’m growing.


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Sounds interesting. I'm in


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Hello all!! Myself and my two good friends are growing industrial hemp on Vancouver island in beautiful BC Canada. We have 10 acres and will plant approximately 20,000 plants. We are in the beginning stages of growing and are loving the outcome. We are growing for CBD content and although our main crop is relatively low (5%-12%), we are cropping out between 1200 and 1600 pounds per acre!!
We have had to cross bread out strains from the states as your growing years are longer than ours, but our plants germinate and grow to be giants!!
Anyone interested in what we are doing please feel free to drop us a line. With Canada opening up its trading routes to the USA there are some opportunities to open cross border relations and sales :)

Hope your all well!! Much love from Canada.
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