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Fishtank Grow 2012 - 5 Unknown Strains


Member of the Month: Dec 2012
Grow area - 55 gallon fishtank
Bucket Size - 16fl oz foam cups
Medium - 50% Scotts soil 50% Coco Coir.
Lights - T5 4ft 4bulb 54w HO 6500K
Nutrients - FloraNova Grow/Bloom, Kool Bloom, Super Thrive
Strain(s) - UNKNOWN
# of Plants: 5
Yield : N/A

This is my first Journal but second grow. First one was a great learning experiance. Learned alot and now know the Do's & Donts of growing. This grow is consisting of (5) plants, sadly the strains of these plants are unknown. The seeds were given to me by friends. So far theyre in there first weeks of veg. Since day one ive been giving them "rain water and super thrive" I PH bottled water to 5.5 - 6.0. Ill be starting there first feed on nutes using "FloraNova Grow" and later on in its 4th week of veg, go half and half with "Floranova Bloom". All feeds will have "Super Thrive". Inbetween nute feeds ill be giving rain water and also water from a stream, and if those were to ever run out I have bottled water. I may be doing a little test with 2 or 3 different types of feeding with nutes. I want to use "Fox Farms" and I had a good experiance with "Fish Ferts". Also I like hydro growing, so I may put 2 of the 5 plants in hydro and put them on a different nute schedule then the 3 I will be keeping in soil. And since im strapped on space ill be "LST" those.

Grow area is in a 55 gallon fishtank. Most people say its a bad idea consitering the heat issue and space, aslo air flow. I kinda figured out a way to control most of the heating issue and air circulation. Those will be shown step by step threw picture of my set up. I also numbered each cup to keep track of which plant is which and what ill be feeding them. They all started off in soil and I wont be making changes to hydro until 2nd week of veg. Co2 is given to them threw "Seltzer water", "Dry Ice", "Yeast + Sugar", "Vinegar + Baking Soda". This is until I purchase a co2 tank later on threw my grow.

Any feedback will be great and I hope everyone enjoy and gain learning experiance from it like me. Newbies and Vets :welcome: :420: :tokin: :ganjamon: :allgood:

The Set Up!!! The reason why the foam cups that plants are in are doubled is for the drainage. Theres holes in the bottom of the first cups.

Getting co2 from dry ice, LOOKS COOL!!!:surf:


Fan is aimed at the lights so that it cools and also it gives great air flow and reaches all 5 plants. As it circulates, the hot air reaches the hanging foam cups which is full with ice and it melts and lowers temp and raises humidity

cups that will be filled with ice or dry ice

Ferts that will be given on this grow, havent yet got the "FoxFarms" and also need to pick up "Kool Bloom". Im doing a test run on ferts so if any one wants to suggest any ferts or nutes for soil or hydro leave comments before week 2. thats when ill start ferts.


Plant #2 this was actually the one before the last to surface. its growth rate was surprising

Plant #5 i had to revive this one a couple of times since it surfaced but is now doing great. slow growth but I think its a sativa {skinny finger like leaves and slow growth}

Plant #1 this one was the last to surface the reason for its low growth

Plant #3 the way the first set of leaves are is different to me

Plant #4 I have a thread on this one because of its abnormal growth and growth rate. the extra leaves and early branching. So if you have feedback on its growth please comment, still awaiting answers. (Abnormal Unique Leaf Growth!?) I think this is a hybrid. I also plan on doing LST on this one

Ill be switching up alot of things as time goes on. Right now im looking into ordering a HID kit., May go with 600w or 1000w. 5 plans dont know which one will be better with out going over board. Then ill use the 4ft T5 HO for side lighting. Ill hang that long ways. So later on in the grow Ill be moving into a closet space. Still might use the fishtank for hydro grow or buy a smaller one, it will be less work to fill with water and less maintenance.


Member of the Month: Dec 2012
looking good so far il be sticking around for this one :thumb:

Thanks, I've made a new updated journal the link is at the bottom of my signature. This journal will be dropped, Sorry for that bud. See you on that one new and updated set up. I'm doing a step by step grow journal also a test run using different ferts and mediums Hydro vs Soil/coco coir Cfl & T5 lights and co2 will be added. pretty much a learning process for newbies and vets to put there input in. Pretty much a togetherness grow. I'D like to make 420 apart of. Click the link at the bottom of my signature and ill see you there :420:

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How did this grow turn out?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info! :1:

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

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I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Thanks and hope all is well in your world.

Love and respect from all of us here at 420 Magazine.
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