Five Strains In 33"x33" - 600W HPS - Organic Soil Mix - 7 Gal Pots - Water Only?

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"Fall-Back Plan '15"

I'm falling back indoors and going for a hat trick; three harvests before springing back outdoors.

Full disclosure: I hope this will be a high brix grow but I am NOT using Doc's kit this time around. I love Doc's stuff and greatly appreciate his efforts. I've had this soil in totes for months. It is left over from my previous grow and until I use it, I don't have a good place to cook my next batch of kit soil. This is my solution. Use what I currently have and get to cookin' my next batch of DBHBB soil. I already have my next round of DBHBB ingredients.

The line up is one each of:
Blue Dream
Sour Diesel
Ace of Spades
Shark Shock CBD

All plants started as clones with the PB and AS cuttings coming from my outdoor grow. I'm very interested to see how they compare inside to outside. All plants were up-potted to 1 gal pots on September 14th. They were then up-potted into 7 gal pots on October 4th. Currently running 18/6, I plan to flip them to 11/13 this weekend. They are all growing like weeds :cheesygrinsmiley:. I hope I didn't wait too long.

My soil is a mix of local potting soil which is similar to our beloved ProMix HP (but about half the price) - 70% peat moss and 30% perlite. To it I added the same amendment I used outdoors: feather, kelp, alfalfa, soy bean and bone meals, worm castings, rock dust, potash, BSM, liquid kelp, sea salt, azomite, humic acid, oyster flour, and myco. My plan is to add water only. We'll see how that works and I will adjust on the fly as needed.

The big challenge is my limited space. Those of you who followed my previous journal have seen it. For any newcomers, it measures 33" square and is a shower stall. I run a 600 watt HPS fixture with cool tube and a 6" 420 CFM inline duct fan. The fan and a small heater are on thermostats to help control temperatures. I do not have any controls in place for RH.

Welcome to my shower



This is what the crew looked like about one month ago.

This is them last week (gawd, I hate pictures under HPS or LED)


This journal got off to a bit of a rocky start due to harvesting my outdoor grow and non-420 stuff. By the end of October I plan to be back at it and give this run the full attention it deserves. I hope you will join me! Updated pictures this weekend and more soon...

I'm here Major. Great, another fabulous grow. Glad to be along for the ride. :love:
really interested in learning to high brix. so in for the ride and hoping to learn from the ground up

Welcome Zebs!
If you want to learn high brix, make sure you follow Doc Bud's journals along with the other guys, like Graytail, duggan, Dr. Ziggy, etc. You probably already do, but just in case...
Hey Reg and Dusty!
I think this feels appropriate; a kief video for the Kiefers.


As promised, here is my kief dry ice extraction video. I'm NOT calling it a tutorial. It is more of an enthusiastic endorsement. As a tutorial, it would be the blind leading the blind since I'm learning this procedure as I go. In fact I'd love to hear from others with experience as to how they do it differently so as to improve my process. I hope you find it useful. I'm very happy with the results but there is always room or improvement. Cheers!


Total time to process all batches was 2-1/2 hours. Yield for Ace of Spades was just over 16%. Yield for Pitbull was slightly under 11%, for an average of more than 14% overall. We processed 30 oz. of trim to get 4.25 oz. of kief. That puts the grand total at 6 oz. from our summer harvest.
Weekend Update (week #7)

I flipped them today - from 18/6 to 12/12.
I started more training today but the lights went out while working on the second plant so I will continue tomorrow with some pruning and LST. I also gave them their first water since since they were up-potted two weeks ago. I was able to snap some quick shots with them out of the room. This may be the last time I'm able to do anything with them outside. They are packed in there like sardines. Their shapes are weird due partly to the space but mostly due to neglect, and because I'm no Graytail when it comes to training. Now that my harvesting and trimming are done it feels almost too late to do a lot more shaping.

Shark Shock CBD


Sour Diesel




Blue Dream


Ace of Spades


As they were in the room.

Keep it green and have a great weekend :420:
Subscribed Major, now I will go back to the start. See you soon.
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