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FL: High Art - Marijuana Masterpieces Get Their Own Booth At Spectrum Miami

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Art Basel is upon us, which means all sorts of cool, interesting, weird, shocking, and downright breathtaking art will soon be splashed across town for all the world to see. If you can imagine it, it's probably represented somewhere during Miami Art Week. And one booth at the art fair Spectrum Miami aims to set your imagination ablaze - with weed.

The High Art competition, an annual cannabis-themed international art search, will display the best of some 1,400 entries in its contest November 30 through December 4 at Spectrum. The contest, created by the Natural Cannabis Company in conjunction with Juxtapoz magazine, is the world's only international cannabis-themed fine-art contest. It attracted entries from more than 50 countries, which is fitting, because this year the theme is "Cannabis From Around the World."

This year's winner, artist Trace Burroughs, walked away with a $10,000 grand prize for his piece Enlightenment and will see his art not only displayed in the High Art gallery but also used on packaging and marketing pieces.

According to competition organizers, the goal of this year's High Art contest was to inspire artists and bring out the best of their capabilities.

"The High Art judges were looking for the most creative interpretations of the theme, Cannabis From Around the World. They also looked at how professional and amateur artists were inspired to use photography, painting, drawing, and digital art to express their visions," the founder and owner of Natural Cannabis Company/High Art, Dona Frank, tells New Times.

If you're wondering what High Art is all about, it's pretty simple: It's a company looking for crazy-ass-awesome packaging for products that would undoubtedly catch the eyes of the off-centered people who make up High Art's customer base, which is as diverse as they come.

"High Art was born from the need for creative, interesting packaging for our premium cannabis products and our passion for art. The result is this incredible contest that has inspired artists around the world to create these inspirational, glorious art pieces representing their experiences with cannabis," Frank says.

"The love of art and the love of cannabis are shared experiences that people experience uniquely. It's amazing to see that in the perspective of so many cultures."

High Art will display the best creations beginning today at Spectrum Miami, which will offer some prints for sale, and will also be on the lookout for new artists.

"The High Art display (booth 812) will be open November 30 to December 4. We will have prints from all three years of the contest, and we are hoping to find our next big artist. Who knows, maybe we'll meet another Warhol or Kahlo," Frank says.


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