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FL may get MMJ


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Holy shit, I don't believe it. FL may get MMJ. What next, Alabama??? If it does get thru it will no doubt be along the lines of the repressive NJ variety.

Florida could be next medical marijuana state

WDBO Staff
@ April 6, 2009 11:42 AM
Over 5,000 statewide are ready to collect signatures
People United for Medical Marijuana (PUFMM) has received approval from the Florida Division of Elections to circulate a petition that may place a constitutional amendment on the 2010 ballot that would allow marijuana to be used for medicinal purposes.

PUFMM chairman Kim Russell says patients need "safe, affordable and effective medication." With already 5,000 supporters statewide, this amendment would give patients the right to grow, purchase, possess and obtain marijuana for medical treatment.

PUFMM says that the medicine can be used to treat Alzheimer's, arthritis, cancer, glaucoma, and Parkinson's disease in addition to being an appetite stimulant and natural pain reliever.

Opponents of medical-use laws believe that the passing of this amendment will lead to the legalization of marijuana and substance abuse.

"The door has already been open to substance abuse. Since this drug war has started, we have larger users than ever before so it is not going to affect that in any way. People are already getting their drugs that want to get them. It is the law abiding citizens that are sick that are the ones getting hurt in all of this," says Russell.

Thirteen states have already passes similar legislation and nine other are in the process of moving in this direction.

PUFMM needs signatures from over 700,000 registered voters and donations totaling $5 million for their campaign. The group is relying on social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace and volunteers to reach their goal.

Source: See the full article on WDBO here.


That is certainly an old article. There is a new attempt going on now in FL. You can see the article here.

Medical marijuana bill faces long odds

or read it below.

Medical marijuana bill faces long odds
Updated: Thursday, 10 Mar 2011, 3:28 PM EST
Published : Thursday, 10 Mar 2011, 3:24 PM EST

By Dave Heller/Gannett TV

TALLAHASSEE - A state lawmakers is working on legalizing medical marijuana in Florida.

Rep. Jeff Clemens has filed legislation that would allow Floridians to vote on a constitutional amendment about medicinal marijuana.

It's the first-ever bill that tries to legalize the medical use of marijuana in Florida.

Clemens believes it makes no sense to allow people to use powerful prescription drugs like Oxycontin, Methadone and Percocet, but ban them from using a natural herb to treat an illness.

He says seven people are dying every day in Florida from those prescription drugs, but no one has died from cannabis.

Under his bill, medicinal cannabis could only be prescribed to people suffering debilitating medical conditions. It would also give protections to people who grow marijuana for medical purposes.

Cathy Jordan, who has lived with A.L.S for nearly 25 years, says she uses marijuana to treat her illness. She says she's been able to survive Lou Gehrig's Disease because of medicinal marijuana.

"Cannabis is a neuro-protector, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory. I know this because the federal government has the patent," Jordan said.

Other advocates say there is much research supporting the safety of cannabis.

---EXTRA SOT--- Mary Lynn Mathre/ "Patients Out of Time" :)15) (Mathre is a registered nurse with 35 years of experience who says there is much research supporting the safety of cannabis)

"The plant can provide much pain relief from suffering, and greatly improves the quality of lives of any patients," said Mary Lynn Mathre, with Patients Out of Time, a medical marijuana advocacy group. "Patients are in desperate need of this medicine. We don't need more research. We welcome more research but the patients need this medicine now."

Clemens argues medical marijuana is a much safer alternative to prescription narcotics.

"We have a lot of people suffering here in the state of Florida and I don't think we need to be telling them that prescription narcotics are the way to go when we have other more natural avenues for them," he said.

The bill also says insurance companies would not be required to cover medicinal cannabis and employers would not be required to accommodate its use in the workplace.

Clemens says 15 other states have passed similar legislation. The bill has not been assigned to a committee for a hearing, and faces long odds in the conservative legislature.
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