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hey guys i'm new to 420 so far i'm very impressed,i'm up around volusia co.just wondering whats up with fl.laws? are these guys nazi's or what? who do we write to get things changed down here,we've got to get at least med mj.legallized :smokin:


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welcome, fellow Floridian..yes, this is the weed Nazi state...or one of them anyway.

I signed that petition and got a form letter in response if you want to know what you'll get in advance for your trouble. check it out..420 Magazine ® Not to imply you shouldn't sign it, because you should, but right now, Florida isn't listening.
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thanks guys ,its pretty sad when the penalty for weed in fl. is the same as aggravated assasult or breaking and entering and the put it in the same class as her**n and c*ke,somethings got to be done, ca. seems to be on the right track
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Dang this shits all bad.. I moved to FL from Sacramento CA about a month ago, My dumbass only brought a eighth with me I figured I could make it last for a minute but I was wrong and feelin like a fiend hella bad now. Did a quick google search to see how hard it would be to get a med card but I guess they dont even have canabis clubs in FL like we did in Sac.. I dont think I can scrape my pipe anymore took all the resin hits i could lol now im screwed with non left.
Thanks heh. I definetly didnt wanna leave CA but I had to cuz I didnt want to be hella far from my parents who moved here, long drive to visit lol and planes cost so dang much. I knew that CA is one of the more lenient states when it comes to trees so I was bummed about leavin. I wanna go back to sac/crackramento where nobody cared about people smokin trees =(