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Flavoring Pre-Harvest Using GH Aeroponics


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I was hoping to hear some info on flavoring pre-harvest using an aeroponic system. i have come here often over the years and found what i needed with no problem. However, i have not found enough info on this. I would like to hear some feedback from someone who has done this before in a similar system, (1) The method they used and (2) the outcome as far as the positive/negitive affects. (3) Does the Vanilla, Lemon, ect... cooking extracts contain harmful carcinogens? if not what are the best to use with the best outcome in flavor. I am on my last week now with just water and am feeling froggy. I would appriecate all feedback, but please stay on topic. thanks.


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That is not how weed gets its flavor. you should use the strain which you find the best tasting.

Now I am not saying that if you fed a plant a bottle of vanilla extract that it wouldnt taste some like vanilla, tbh I dont know. But I wouldnt do it and if you want a plant that smells/ tastes like blueberries you get a dj short blueberry plant, if you want a lemony plant go with something like super lemon haze, you want a vanilla like plant, you get vanilla meany beany.

Adding a bunch of cooking additives sounds like a horrible idea and a harsh product.


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Thats whats up, so there are harsh affects on the yeald then i take it... Is there no safe cheat to flavoring pre harvest ?

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Using flavouring essence suitable for cooking is normally shunned upon & i'm pretty sure vanilla has some damned nasty side effect.

I would be deeply insulted if i ever receive bud laced with such flavourings.

Infact i would change my nutrients and even grow style if my bud tasted like shit, of which i myself prefer organics to improve the aroma of the bud and a good decent cure to improve the taste :thumb:

Unfortunaly we live in a world of idiots who may defile the most sacred, who i would not piss on if they where upon fire...
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