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Flint Township Extends Medical Marijuana Moratorium

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FLINT TOWNSHIP, Michigan -- A moratorium on medical marijuana was extended to October after a vote by the Board of Trustees at its meeting Monday.

The moratorium, which was enacted last February, has been extended twice -- once in December and again in March. With the new extension, it is set to expire Oct. 4.

The extra time will allow for additional discussion and a workshop with the township attorney, Peter Goodstein. There also are concerns about the legalities of an ordinance given the unclear wording of the law, said Supervisor Karyn Miller.

Although the ordinance is ready to be voted on, the townships attorney suggested if the board had any doubts, they postpone the vote, she said.

Trustee Franklin Kasle said this would be the last moratorium on medical marijuana he voted for. The township needs to address the issue, he said.

"Enough is enough," he said. "Let's make sure we get it done."

During public comment, Flint Township resident Chuck Hughes said the board "didn't have a valid excuse" to delay the ordinance.

"An overwhelming number of people in Flint Township supported medical marijuana and your inaction is just delaying what the they asked you to do," Hughes said.

The township has to be careful in crafting the ordinance, said Trustee George Menoutes.

"We need to review this and make sure we study this well," he said. "We better be careful how we handle this."

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