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FlipflopBoB's 4 Strain DWC Grow 2012


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Hi 420 magazine growers, 1st diary here, so I'm hoping to make it a good one, I grow dwc and decided this time to make some modded tubs so that I had some sturdier lids to work with, with these ordered today i'm itching to get started, so a few details to get out of the way here, I'll be popping my beans in the next cpl of days and the fun will begin :)
I plan to run 4 seperate 9 gallon dwc containers in 2 tents so I'm able to use 1 600w ballast on a 12/12 rotation to run 2 1.2mx1.2mx2m tents each with a 600w parabolic, its a bit hot running 2 x 600w in the summer here, so works nicely. I'll be using Vitalink nutrients and beneficial microbes/fungi for root protection.
I plan to do four strains from fem seeds, cpl diff beans for backups but all starting well they will be :
Nirvana - Pure Power Plant - medium height Indy/Sat. Its flowers between 8-9 weeks. THC of 15-20%

Nirvana - Bubbelicious - medium height Indy/Sat finishes flowering in about 8 weeks, is medium tall, THC of 15-20%

G13 - Blueberry Gum - medium height indica, flowering 8-12 weeks

Delicious Seeds - Fruity chronic juice - medium height indica, 8-12 weeks, THC of 17%

Really looking forward to this , growing only once a year, I've missed my little garden of tranquillity, Its ON!!! :) hope to see some good diaries here also , had a quick look around before, need to get my bearings first but I'll certainly be checking out a few, welcome to point me in the right direction to some decent hydro diaries in the mean time, Looking forward to meeting you all and having good laff and some good growing, an most certainly some fine medicinal
Peace out

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