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FloraNova Feeding Schedule - Clawing Plants


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I posted this in the 420 FAQs but then found this FAQ. I hope I am not screwing up the Mod...

Where can I find feeding schedule for the Floranova series nutes? The website has some information but I would like find someone who is actually using it. I use it in soil, DWC, and Deep Water Culture. The hydro stuff I have dialed-in pretty well but can t get the soil feeding dialed-in. My plants are clawing up regardless of all the remedies I have tried. I have tried flushing, watering less, watering more, I have raised and lowered the nutes, played with light hieght nothing affects my droopy veggers.

For Soil, I have been following the bottle directions but reduce it by about 25%. I have no burning of the tips but do get some minor discoloring on the lower leaves. I only use nutes every fourth watering. I have no camera, no ppm meter, no ph meter - only a cheap soil PH probe which seems to read the same no matter what. I use dechlorinated tap water, have good air circ, good air temps, no bugs, large un-rootbound pots, great soil, new bulb, prooven strains and still have clawing.

Any help with FloraNova schedules is appreciated:peace:



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Without pics it's tough. Generally clawing leaves is a sign of a PH issue. For dirt you want your water/nutes going in at 6.2-6.8. Also very good practice to check your runoff water as well.

Thanks Screw::thanks:- My PH is 6.8 going in but cant measure going out because all I have is a Taylor Test Kit that is dependent on water color to determine levels.

I suspect my PH is high but will invest in a meter. In the meantime, can someone direct me to a "Using nutes in soil" tutorial? I am not clear on the schedule supplied by the GH website. I only feed once a week, is this right?

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For soil use FloraNova and Floralicious in equal quantities/ 1tsp per gallon EACH...every watering
Grow and Bloom...so you should have 4 bottles
I use FloraNova


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