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Florence City Council OKs Pot, Hemp Testing Facilities

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The Florence City Council approved lifting the ban on marijuana and hemp testing facilities in Florence during its meeting Tuesday.

The moratorium would remain on all other marijuana establishments except for testing facilities, the ordinance said. Marijuana testing facilities would be licensed, pursuant to Colorado regulations.

"Originally, we discussed hemp testing, but I'm sure marijuana testing (is necessary, too)," Councilman Dick Upton said.

City Attorney Bryan Fredrickson noted the regulation includes marijuana testing, as well. Also, the council will discuss where they could be located and the number of testing facilities at a future date.

"It's very difficult to get into this business," Councilman Mike Vendetti said. "A testing facility must have a director (who is a doctor). It's not something Joe Blow can come downtown and open one."

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Full Article: Florence City Council OKs Pot, Hemp Testing Facilities
Author: Charlotte Burrous
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