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Florida - Canna Stock - Friday, September 26th 10am — 5pm

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WHERE: Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL
WHO: Marijuana Policy Project, The MedMen, NORML, Steep Hill Labs, Ebbu, and more
WHEN: This Friday, September 26th 10am — 5pm

Florida Cannabis Coalition's final 2014 medical cannabis event will take place on Friday, September 26th at the Hard Rock Hotel in Casino in Hollywood, FL. The event is the first in Florida to feature Marijuana Policy Project, the largest organization working solely on marijuana policy reform in the United States. Tickets and a complete lineup are available through FloridaCannabisCoalition.com or by visiting the following link:Canna-Stock.

The lineup of expert speakers includes:
· Adam Bierman,President of The MedMen / Licensing In Cannabis Business
· Kelley Crosson - Marijuana Policy Project / National Policy
· Karen Goldstein, Chris Cano & Carlos Heredia / Florida NORML
· Steve Edmonds — Hemp 4 Water / Industrial Hemp
· Adrian Wylie — Candidate for Governor / Implementing the rules
· CannaMoms / Why we need amendment 2
· Dr. Wilson-King - Cannabinoid Specialist / Cannabis and the body
· Tyler Markwart —Plant Scientist / Know what you grow
· Brad Weinstock — Master Cultivator / Know how to grow
· Adam Mintz - Steep Hill Halent / The importance of testing and consistency
· John Markis — CPA / What is Tax Code 280E?
· Tony Gallo - Loss Prevention Specialist / Security
· Dooma Wenduschuh — Founder of Ebbu / Building a cannabis startup
· Tom Quigley — Founder Common Bond Collaborative / Funding Florida cannabis startups

Topics include:
· Local politics & the national movement for medical cannabis
· The difference between existing marijuana policy and Amendment 2
· How doctors use cannabis to treat illness and pain
· Best business practices when entering into a startup opportunity
· Investing in the cannabis industry
· Risk assessment
· Tax law
· Cultivation & Plant Science
· Licensing & Real Estate
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