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Florida - Charlotte's Web 101: Medical Marijuana And You

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Medical marijuana is now legal in the state of Florida – but can be used only in specific cases. The Compassionate Medical Cannabis Act, known as the Charlotte's Web law, creates a registry of users and gives guidelines for when doctors may prescribe the drug. Separate legislation protects the identities of people on the registry. The law makes only one strain of pot legal for medical use, as opposed to Amendment 2, the proposed state constitutional amendment that goes before voters in November. The amendment would legalize all cannabis for medicinal use. Here are the basics of what you need to know.

So, now can we all light up?
No. Relatively few people will be able to use marijuana under the law, which specifically excludes smoking pot. It legalizes only an extraction of the marijuana plant, a cannabis oil that is then taken orally.

How does anybody get high off that?
They don't, the law legalizes only a specific strain called Charlotte's Web, which is high in cannabidiol (CBD), a substance that may help alleviate seizures. But it is low in tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the psychoactive substance in marijuana that produces a high. You'd get about as high as you would trying to smoke a hemp rope. Besides, this law makes pot legal only for those with a medical need.

But I have a pain in my back that just started.
Nice try, but the law OKs the cannabis oil only for a very specific set of ailments. Doctors may prescribe it only to patients suffering from cancer or "a physical medical condition that chronically produces symptoms of seizures or severe and persistent muscle spasms." This is understood to include things like severe epilepsy and Lou Gehrig's disease.

Can I start growing pot now?
Absolutely not. In order to grow Charlotte's Web, your nursery must be certified by the state as capable of growing 400,000 or more plants and the nursery must have operated in the state for 30 continuous years. The law limits growers to just five nurseries – one each in northwest, northeast, central, southwest, and southeast Florida.

How many people will the oil actually help?
That's a hard question to answer. Charlotte's Web is named for Charlotte Figi, a little girl with a form of epilepsy so severe she suffered about 300 grand mal seizures every week. After use of the strain that would become named after her, her seizures dropped to two or three a month. Epilepsy affects about 1 in 100 people, according to the Center for Disease Control. Given that, about 200,000 people suffer from epilepsy in Florida. Although the law also allows access for people with some terminal diseases, there is no evidence the strain actually helps these ailments.

But at least it'll help those with epilepsy, right?
Maybe, although it certainly seemed to help in Figi's case, anecdotal stories are not scientific evidence. And because the federal government still considers marijuana a controlled substance with no medical use, legitimate studies are difficult to carry out. Moreover, the marijuana now legal in Florida may not be precisely the same as the strain that helped Figi. That strain had 0.5 percent THC and 20 percent CBD, which, according to the original growers of Charlotte's Web, made it the highest CBD-level strain in the world. But the Charlotte's Web law in Florida legalizes marijuana that has up to 0.8 percent THC, 10 percent or more CBD, far from the original Charlotte's Web's 20 percent. So there's some question of whether the marijuana now legal in Florida is even potent enough to help the kids for which it was intended.

What about Amendment 2?
The Legislature supported the Charlotte's Web law based on the notion it would soften support for Amendment 2. Their thought is that since Charlotte's Web is already legal, why throw the door open wider? But supporters of Amendment 2 say that because this law received such widespread support among traditionally anti-drug Republicans, Amendment 2 has a real chance of success among the electorate.

What will be the impact if Amendment 2 passes?
More people would be using pot, since Amendment 2 would make it legal for cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, hepatitis C, Lou Gehrig's disease, Crohn's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis or any "other conditions for which a physician believes that the medical use of marijuana would likely outweigh the potential health risks for a patient." Depending on the strain used, some people would be getting high. The THC component of marijuana that serves as a painkiller, curbs nausea and increases appetite will make it useful for, say, cancer patients going through chemotherapy. Growing and dispensing marijuana would be heavily regulated and difficult to break into, but it wouldn't be limited to just five growers. The state Department of Health would create and regulate growers and dispensaries, but nobody yet knows exactly what it would do.


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New York has just passed a similar piece of legislation. The list of conditions and diseases is bigger but it can't be smoked and the government has there sticky little fingers at every step of the way. As far as I know no details on the specifics have been released but it's not going to help many people. What is so wrong with getting high and feeling good? Act like it's the end of the world because people want legal cannabis. Not just medical but recreational like Colorado and Washington. A lot of these new state laws are making recreational legalization even harder and further down the road. Here take this oil and drink it. Nasty isn't it? Why can't we just vaporize it? Wait then the state wouldn't be able to stop people from having the happy euphoric feeling. The best way to ingest cannabis is vaporizing and smoking. But big brother doesn't want us to happy or having too much fun.


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The Stanley Brothers have proved themselves to be no different from MJNA/KANNAWAY. They are just a bunch of opportunistic hustlers trying to corner the market and profit off patients in need. Despicable scumbags the lot of them.


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Amendment 2 if passed will be a good start but the neocons running the state burocracy like to tell everyone this will be the first step in "legalizing" pot and "it will be available to the kids," the kids omg the kids. Wake up the kids are smoking pot just as freely now as if it were legal for crying out loud. They paint a picture of stoners hanging out in the parking lot of dispensaries drinking and smoking dope. So what if mj is legal? IMO nothing would change in that respect other than we wouldn't fear arrest for possession of a friggin plant. Floriduh voters - if mj proponents should vote for Charlie Crist for gov in November along with yes for amendment 2.


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"Leagalisation" is simply putting lipstick on the pig of prohibition. With one notable exception I have yet to read any 'legislative proposals' that were written in the public interest. While it may not be perfect I urge everyone to read and consider supporting "California Cannabis and Hemp Initiative:2016". It may well be our last best chance at repealing prohibition, which is the only safe and sane solution to the draconian conspiracy and 'regulations' being imposed on us, and denying us our rights and freedoms. Just my 2c.
Patrick Monk. RN Hospice Case Manager. SF. Ca.
**Society of Cannabis Clinicians.
**American Cannabis Nurses Association.
**For Identification Only.
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The Stanley Brothers have proved themselves to be no different from MJNA/KANNAWAY. They are just a bunch of opportunistic hustlers trying to corner the market and profit off patients in need. Despicable scumbags the lot of them.

Hey patmonk -
Anyone can tell the Truth; the Truth about cannabis will open anybody's eyes, but only if they first open their minds!

When one learns the historical fact that the FIRST ban (law) against hemp was in Swaziland, in 1922, as an act of protectionism to support the cotton plantations of Egypt, one can see the true, evil purposes of colonialism/capitalism. The ban on hemp was introduced to Kanada in 1923, more than a decade sooner than in the USA!

Repeal of all restrictions against hemp agriculture OF ALL TYPES must be initiated.

The truth of the matter is simple: allowing production of medicinal, industrial, commercial and recreational hemp products will destroy large swaths of most of capitalism's favoured phony industries, starting with: big Oil, big Pharma, the AMA/CMA, big Agri, Monsanto, etc.

Forestry, Construction, Clothing (fabrics & plastics from DuPont?) and many other industries would be affected as well!

This is the true reason that the lies were started about hemp after WW I and the real reason
that perpetuating these controls, or legislating "regulations to control ... for the protection... society/children ... taxes .."
is simply another set of LIES that will crumble in the floodlights of Truth that will, one day, catch all of "Society" in it's glare!

I doubt that ANY politician of any stripe (the only ones I've seen are yellow) will endorse this Truth! No politician would be permitted to discuss such a "ludicrous" concept - also, each and every politician who might be paying attention to reality knows we must keep our prisons full, train new criminals, keep the courts busy, generate more misery and continue to do the good work of the Big Banks!
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