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Flower & Bloom Switches? How do they work?


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I have a Meizhi 450w hood, and it has 2 switches on it, common from middle grade LED lights it seems, but what I have an Issue with is the Vague and unclear USE of said switches.

Now Here is what SOME of the sites say, Use only the VEG for seedling and grow cycle and then switch on just the FLOWER switch for budding, BUT I have also read.... veg&flower both on for budding, and Iv heard to just have them both on the whole time (past baby seedlings) for both cycles as they hoods do NOT PAR/footprint/spectrum like what they claim....

1) veg only, then flower only*
2) veg only then both flower and veg*
3) both veg and flower the whole time*
4) veg only at the start till the plant has 4-6 leaves then run both veg&flower till the end and run only flower for the last 7days*

I have read all 4 of these trains of thought on other forums and am confused. so what is correct? or what have you experienced? its sadly unclear


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You'll need to run both switches during flower, and it's up to you whether you start off with both going for veg or not. I've run one grow with just the veg switch on during veg, and then both on during flower. Last grow was autos, both switches on from the get go. This photo grow Im doing now also started with both switches on.
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