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Flower Day 32 Multiple Strains


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Aight guys and gals thought I would throw a few pics up see how the pros think I'm doing so far. I have kept everything all organic using biobizz nutrients, along with a couple of budmaster 675XG. I have a coupe of super cheese in there, a couple of sour kosher, a eve veneno, a GSC when it about a week before flower, a couple of silver kush, and a pineapple chunk. Had some huge stretch as you can see in the pics but like I said I am looking for your opinions. I followed LA's backsliding guide and gave them all the snip earlier today. For the eagle eyed among you there are a few airpots in there I had a few super cheese seeds knocking about so and dropped them in from seed under 12/12. My veg time was 90 days after a failed attempt at FLUXING I was using the gas lantern light schedule pretty sure that slowed things down but since I have never grown in soil things seemed real slow compared to nft anyway. Without further ado heres a few pics enjoy.

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