flowering and clones? Help I'm scared!

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Hey Y'all...I put my plants into flower and after two days I took some clones, I wasn't going to but someone close to me asked for a few so...I did it, the pistils were showing...just starting to show that is, will they root still in my dome...they are clones of clones..lol??? they look very nice and green, and they're in peat pellets at around 80 degrees, and about 100% humidity???
Re: flowering and clones????Help I'm scared!!

Try and get the humidity to around 50 or 60 % they should root. but it may take longer depending if the already went into flowering stage because they will need to revert back to veg. I've personally never have cloned while in flower but it is possible to do. I know there are others here that have done it that i'm sure will be commenting soon. Hope this helps some.
Re: flowering and clones?Help I'm scared!

Hey ontario, Yes Ive taken clones while in flower also. & like chris said, they will take a bit longer to root because they do go back into veg state but you shouldnt have any problems. Mine turned out great, and it was worth the wait for them to root. Just be patient with them, and youll be seeing roots before you know it... also, he's right about the humidity, 50-60% is all you want, and if theyre in flower, Try and go even a bit lower, around 30% for flower should give your ladies enough, without hindering the bud production.. Hope it helps, and good luck...
Re: flowering and clones?Help I'm scared!

I have taken clones from a plant I had in flower for 2 weeks, worked fine and I`ve cloned from those clones and worked fine, clones need high humidity because they have no root system, I keep mine at near 100 for the first 2 weeks, thats just me though, good luck......peace!
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I kept the lids vents closed for the first two days now, and opened it up to circulate briefly those two days...now I'm starting to crack the vents and exchange the air inside twice daily...so on and so....some have browning thin stems at the base and were not going to make it...most likely me being a hack, sorry little ones..lol, thanks for the help...I'll be sure to stop in at your pad and check out how you's doin..take care!


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I use flowering clones from time to time....I use an ez cloner.no dome no misting no nothing....add 2 weeks if they are 20 plus days into flower