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Flowering Chamber "Soil Space Ideas"


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I am a "newbie" and plan on sticking with a "soil" setup for a few grows. The space i have is 6W X 2D X12H with 2 600 watt high end air cooled reflectors.
I currently have 6 5 gallon pots there and it is Very Inefficient in terms of utilizing the space.
I was considering simply converting the entire floor into one massive bed of medium however height adjustment is a problem etc.
With a 6 x 2 x 12 space would 4 10 gallon square recyclable containers provide a better approach?
I can only get four in this space so it would limit me to 4 plants.

Any suggestions?

I am an inventor by trade so trying different ideas is up my alley.


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You're not going to want to let your plants get too big since one of the main limiting factors of our artificial lights is penetration. You can easially grow 3-4' tall plants in a 4 gallon container, so in my opinion a 10 gallon container would be a waste.

If you Google square plastic pot 4 gallon giant you'll find 4 gallon square pots that are 12" square... If all the dimensions are accurate you could fit up to 12 in your space.
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