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Flowering growth Question


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This is my first grow and i appreciate the help in advanced. Many Thanks...

As you already know this is my first grow and i think i am in a bit of a predicament. I have heard that plants can double in size or even triple during the flowering cycle! I am growing indoors and my grow room is around 8FTx8FTx8FT (LXWXH) . I have a 400 watt hps set up and Three Different strains (Cheese,White Widow, and
Big bomb) [ALL FEMALE'S] They are around 4 FT Tall and have been in veg for 40 Day's and now have begun the flowering stage since i have switched from 18/6 to 12/12.

So my question is, is it true that cannabis will double or even triple in size during the flowering cycle?
And do you think my grow room will be able to accommodate for the increase in growth if this is true!?!?!?!

Hope to get a reply soon iam kind of worried T-T


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Some strains do stretch in flower. Others don't and barely gain any height all through flowering.Keep the light closer to the plants and they will not stretch as much.


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Its not worth sweating over. If some stretch they stretch. If they dont, they dont. You can always LST to keep height down too.


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really depends on the strain... ive seen some bloody big outdoor plants! but being indoors i doubt the double - triple thing... i have yet to see an indoor strain triple its size when turned over(kinda defeats the purpose of being an indoor strain)- but doubling MAYBE... they can stretch too if the light is too far and that sorta thing- or could be a pure sativa better suited to outdoors where it can really shine. also depends on how tall they are when you turned them over, a 7foot plant aint gonna hit 14 feet when turned over(unless you are using my special kina sauce! LOL) :3: ...

as jimmy mentioned keeping the light closer(but not so close as to burn :p) will help to slow the plants growth.

what i have done n the past is simply 'snap' them over, not really snapping them but bending them- they will fall over(you will need to tie them up to support them) but they'll recover and become strong in that spot like how bone becomes really strong where they break, tie them to the light shade or some framing to support their weight when they are bent over :3:

sounds like you got it pretty sorted tho dude! good luck with your grow and dont forget to put up some pics so we can see how they go! :3:

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