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Flowering help needed


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Hello everyone,i was wondering if someone can tell me what weeks this look like.i had trouble with the clone earlier and not to sure if it 2 or 3 weeks old. still giving bug ignitor...

here my nutes for the flowering
Micro 5 ml
Bloom 0-5-4 50 ml
B-52 2-1-4 20 ml
B-ignitor 0-1-2 30 ml (put 10 more since i think it last wek for it)
B-Bud 0-1-3 20 ml
supermax 1-2-1 20 ml
B-candy 20 ml
sensizym 20 ml

i dont know if i use enough micro but girls look fine to me.. my ppm at 390 EC : 0.56 stable they drink water and nutes going to rise it to 430-50 in 4 days last grow at 550 it was at max burning ?

anyone have a good ratio for the wappa or tips thanks!



Light look different as i'm using 1000 MH and 400 HPS


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