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Flowering light cycle after 3 weeks


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Hey guys, I have a few quick questions about pushing my plants into 12/12 early. I know that technically speaking I can start my seedlings at 12/12 to force them into flowering once they hit veg stage, but I read somewhere it's better to wait until they are 3 weeks old. The reason I am considering this option is because I live in an apartment complex and would rather pant 5-6 smaller plants with a quicker turn around over a few large ones. This will hopefully make harvesting much faster and lower the risk of getting caught by my landlord.

A few question about this:

  1. Is there any benefit to waiting 3 weeks to run the 12/12 light cycle?
  2. What size container should I transplant my plants into before activating the 12/12 cycle.
  3. Is LST possible or advised when doing something like this?

Any experienced answers would be greatly appreciated!


Chris Scorpio

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Couple thoughts, just mine no science behind it

Giving them 3 weeks gets them established with more light for initial growth and ability to start some lst possibly sooner

I'd start in solo cups then transplant to like a 2gal or 3 gal a week ish before 12/12 switch

Another option is running 11/13 or, like I am, 10/14
It speeds up the flower time some if speed is an issue for ya

Good luck
I keep mine 18/6 till four weeks an then switch to 12/12. I grow in 3 gallon smart pots with no problems, I do have to water more often. A lot of growers would rather use 5 to 7 gallon pots. To me LST is the easy way for me at this time.
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