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Flowering Stage: Plant Problems, Brown/yellow/crispy leaves


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400w mh/hps (mh veg hps flower)

mylar box - 4ftx4ftx7ft

ph level: around 6.5 using distilled water and feeding with tiger bloom 1/8th str i also Ph the solution before i feed and it comes out to 6.0

fixture distance: approx 12"

room temp: around 70 degrees

humidity: 50-60%

timer: (flower) 12/12

Started flowering on 1/5/12

5 ladies total:
3 ice
1 dairy queen
1 querkle

all in 3-4 gallon pots all of them are about 3-3 1/2 ft tall

Soil: foxfarm soil mixed with perilite

air circulation: computer exhaust/intake fans with 1 big fan blowing on inside

Flower Stage: 400w HPS
Problem: Brown/yellow and crispy fan leaves. about a month into flower just fed it tiger bloom all 5, 1/8 str 2/5/2012, havent watered or fed since then. mostly on bottom and mid of plant but now the top is starting to have the problem and i dont know the reason? i read it was under fertilization but also over fert also. so any input will help. the buds look fine and healthy just the leaves are starting to turn brown and crispy and eventually fall off. i know fan leaves fall during end of flower stage but from the pics i posted it looks kinda bad. thank you for your time much appreciated. 420magazine :thumb:

Links: Leaves and setup

- caligrown420


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looks like you need some cal mag to me

it starts with the fan leaves... and when it starts getting really bad, starts moving to some of the flower leaves.. right?

because of how patchy and random it is, i dont think its over fert, and the fact you are using distilled water.. means it has no calcium or magnesium in it to begin with.. happend to me for a couple grows after switching to RO water.. i was using GH flora series 3 part. soon as i started adding calmag to my grows, that problem went away.

towards the end, you want yellow leaves potentially falling off... not yellow and brown :)

side note... ditch the mylar, and paint it flat white. works better.


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Thanks for your input i appreciate it greatly.

So does Cal Mag Plus work good? mix at 1/4th strength or full strength?
and if i switch to R/O water i can just by jugs of regular drinking water such as arrowhead or which works best? Thanks again :thanks:


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ok thanks nibec ill get on that asap. hopefully my girls get better soon ill keep my post updated. thanks for your input helped alot.
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