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Flowering time

I have a question about when to start count down flowering time with autoflowering strains.

When they say that it flower's 6 week that mean:
- 6 weeks from sprouting?
- 6 weeks from 1st. preflower signs
- any other time frame
Help me out pls
Sorry but my English is not the best.
So if i get it right I must skip the veg time and start the countdown when 1st. sign of pistil's are visible?


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My 2 cents, plan on 100 days and be happy with anything under that. Bullsh!t claims of short cycles have screwed up my vacation plans more than once.


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100 days for the whole grow?
Maybe, maybe longer. The fuc-ers who sell auto seeds are full of sh!t, question them and they will default to the seeds are only collector items or just not answer. Lol, I would love to see an above average grower producing what they say they will produce in the 50-60-90 days from seed to harvest.
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