Flowering Venus Flytrap


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A pic of my venus. What can I say, I like growing. :cheesygrinsmiley:

they are so cool!! and they wont snatch the buds, dont they only eat bugs?
4iLLEsT2bTCH0 said:
they are so cool!! and they wont snatch the buds, dont they only eat bugs?
Just bugs. Never really feed them. seems to have a lil eco system of its own.
Fungus gnats seem to live in the peat moss medium. The plant eats them.
No gnats on the mj plants. Guess they light the flytrap more. All I do is water it. The plant was pitifully small when I first got it 6 months ago. I don't really take good care of it. Its too self sufficient.
Thats cool, get a pitcher plant, they are cool as well.
Awesome accessory to your collection :))

I've never actually seen one myself, looks really cool.

Where'd you get the seeds for that?

+rep for the cool plant ;-)
Cool plant UDP....do the leaves die off each year? I had a flytrap that I thought died, but it may have just gone into a hibernation (oops)...I fed mine a couple of flies, and that may have done her in - but not sure.
how do u stop them from flowering?? and where could i grab myself one of those babies?? ive always wanted one...
Indiegenerate said:
I used to grow Drosera Capensis (sp?). Those will rapidly take over any space they're able to grow in. letting venus flytraps flower decreases their lifespan.

To bigfan - my venus flytrap lost all of its leaves every year in the winter. all that was left was a bulb under the dirt, but the leaves grew back in the spring.

well...then my flytrap will bloom in that big dumpster in the sky, damn...thanks for the confirmation that I'm a killa.
I pick her up at Lowes for 3 to 4 bucks.
I didn't make it flower, it did it on its own. Since I keep it in the grow room under a humidity dome it should never loose all its leaves. Its about 3 times bigger than when I first got her if thats any help.
so if i go and get one how do i kno how to take care of it? i mean when i started growing weed i did research on the net and that brought me here, this is where i learned everything i kno. im sure there isnt a venus flytrap forum that can teach me. do they come with instructions? lol
Yes they do^
Its easier than growing weed. Just supply light, warmth, and humidity. Also water when needed.
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