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Flowering with a 20/4 light cycle?


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I discovered these bad boys flashing my girls. This is surprising since they were all on a 20 hours of light/ 4 hrs of dark cycle. Anybody seen this happen before? I am glad I found him before he dumped his
[/IMG][/IMG][/IMG] load!!


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Ya, a guy gave me a little sample bag to try. Must have been 50 seeds in it. But the weed had a really heady smooth high. I liked it so much I decided to grow it and see what it looked like. Not sure if these kids will be the same as there Ma but it will be fun trying to find out!


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Thanks for the tip. I have no experience with auto flowering strains. I have seen them listed on seed sites, though. I guess i will have to do some MORE research! I thought all strains automatically flowered based on the number of daylight hours.


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Is anyone here proficient in autoflowers? I want to grow a crop but have some questions. I realize they are not the ideal plant for seasoned growers (such as myself) but right now I just need a cash crop. I am going to post a few questions here, and hopefully you guys/ gals will give me a little 'heads' up. Thanx... So:
What light cycles should I put them little suckers on to get the biggest buds? What about the quickest time? Happy medium?
If I buy a package of 10 seeds, non feminized, how many females should I expect to get in a stable, warm, humid environment?
Do they really produce more than an ounce (cured)?
I am going to use soil (with all the beels and whistles), and a 600 HPS WITH a 400 MH and a 27k CFL just for good measure, my room is 5x8.
Thank you for your time and consideration - Coupe


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High coupe. I would highly suggest looking at the different grow journals on here. There are many, many journals with autoflowers on :420:. I'm actually growing some autoflowers in my garden right now. I chose to do that because they give a quicker harvest. I can smoke them while I wait for my other one's to finish. To answer your questions:

-You can grow them under 24 hours of light. Some plants require a dark period but not MJ. MJ plants do not require a dark period and will photosynthesize as long as they have light, CO2, water, and nutrients.
-As to the quickest time to harvest...it's all in the genetics. They mature with time, not photoperiod so it doesn't matter if you have them on 12/12 or 24/0, they will mature at the same time. The 24/0 plants, however, will probably be bigger and heavier.
-how many females will you get? Who knows. This last grow, I started 5 Light of Jah seeds and all turned out to be female. I also started 4 Early Wonder Skunks and only 2 out of 4 were female.
-how much do they produce? It all depends on the strain. Lowryder usually produces up to 1/2 zips. I've grown auto's that produce 1.5 zips. All depends on the strain.
-You should have more than enough light for a 5x8 room.
Hope this helps.
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