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Flowering with FLs -HELP

I am in the veg stage right now and i'm using 2-6500K 48" Fluros and 2-3000K 48" Flouros. I'm in the 3rd week of veg and just did a transplant in to better soil. so i am expecting to stay in veg a little longer to help the plant recover from the transplant. my question is.. can I use the 2-3000K flouros for the 12/12 flowering period or do i need to get more/should i also use some 6500K fluros for budding? Thanks guys.


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As far as I can tell light doesn't affect potency, only yield amount. But of course this is just speculation I don't have a mass spectrometer to prove it.

The general rule of thumb is the more light the better, or more accurately more of the right kind of spectrum of light the better. I would say if you can afford more lights or better lights I would, if you only have one plant purchase CFLs or Shop Lights as my last options, you generally can find used HPS's really cheap, and 150watts is all you need for 1 plant with HPS. I found mine off of craigslist as a security light for $20 bucks.
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