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Flowring / Growth Space Questions


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This is my first post and first grow. I'm doing a PC grow, and I've run into a few problems.

1. My plants have outgrown my PC, well at least one of the two plants. It is almost at the top of the PC. I waited too long to research LST and now the plant is too large.I would like to know will I stress or kill the plant if I try and trim it down at the top? If so, what can I do other than removing the plant from the PC?

2. My plants are healthy but they are showing no signs of flowering. Its only been 1 week, so I think I may been a little premature in my concern. I'm running my LED lighting 12-12 so I think I need to be more patient but I would like to hear more experienced folks confirm that for me.

I'd like to post pics but I do not have the option to attach photos. If a mod can point me to where I can enable attachment privileges, i will post pics for review.

Strain - Holy Grail Kush

Number of Plants - 2

Grow Type - Soil (FoxFarm Ocean Forest Organic Potting Soil)

Pot Size - 1 gallon Soil Bags

Nutrients - "Organic Iguana Juice Grow" (3-1-3)

Water Cycle - every 3 days with nutrients added once per week.

Cooling - 1 intake fan, 2 outake fans

Avg Temp - 79 degrees F

Grow Stage - Vegitative (6 weeks), Flowering (1 Week)

Indoor/Outdoor - Indoor,

Lights - 3 x 15 Watt (45W Total) LED Light Rails, 66% 630nm, 33% 460nm, 45% 660nm (2:1 ratio)

PC Temperature - 79 Degrees F
PC Square Footage - (8"W X 17"L X 25" T)
Pests - None Known
Light scheme 18/6 for 5 weeks, then I switched to 12/12 for 1 week.


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Sorry, I just found a help thread on how to post pictures. Here are a few pics of my grow. Thanks.





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