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Fluffy’s Dark Side Of The Brix DP Powerplant 2019


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What strain is it?
Dutch Passion Powerplant

Is it Indica, Sativa or Hybrid? What percentages?
Sativa dominant but unknown percentages

Is it in Veg or Flower stage?
This will be a clone from a plant in veg

If in Veg... For how long?
Will veg till I have a rootball as tough as Brix

If in Flower stage... For how long?
Flower time is 8-10 weeks although I like her a little on the early side

Indoor or outdoor?

Soil or Hydro?
Using the one and only Doc Bud High Brix kit

If soil... what is in your mix?
Wiggle worm ewc 30#
Promix hp myco 3.8cf

If soil... What size pot?
Starting in 1.3 gallon and finals will be 10 gallon

Size of light?
Mars hydro reflector 960.......sticker says 400 at the wall

Is it aircooled?
Technically yes lol

Temp of Room/cab?
Daytime is 79-81 and nighttime is 70

RH of Room/cab?
Ranges from 50-60

PH of media or res?
Pretty sure Doc says this sits at 6.4

Any Pests ?
Too many to list but nothing detrimental to what we’re doing

How often are you watering?
At the appropriate time

Type and strength of ferts used
Nutes?? We don’t need no stinking nutes!! Only products to be applied here are what’s included in the “kit” plus I ordered snake oil just in case it’s needed.

Ok so this will be the first time I’ve ever tried to journal so bear with me please.

As of right now I have mixed up the whole batch of 420 with the promix and 25# of ewc. I saved a little ewc back so I can use it with the recharge later on. Used right about 5 gallons of ro water. It is split into 2 Rubbermaid cans with lids and I slapped together a little stand for it that sits about 8” off the floor. Ambient room temp is 74 consistently. So now the boring wait till soil is cooked. At some point I’ll post a few pics of the spaces and the Powerplant clones when I take them.

Thanks for following!!! This should be an awesome adventure!!

Amy Gardner

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So not High Brix (yet!!) but here’s a some of what I’ve got running right now. The one with the nice buds is a jack herer. Such a great strain. The other one that starting to flower is a dp blueberry. She’s so gorgeous. I may run a clone of her alongside Powerplant when my soil is ready. It will just depend on space. I just may have to cull to make space just because I’m so excited after seeing what everyone is doing with this system. Then the pic with the 3 in veg is Sensi Afghan (left) Sensi northern lights (center) and the dp Powerplant I will be cloning on the right. I’m looking forward to being able to train these ladies a little easier without having to worry about being in the water with the root system. A little slow now but it won’t be too long and things will start heating up in here. Thanks for following along everyone!!



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Quick update......

I have 2 weeks till soil is cooked!! After seeing hundreds or maybe thousands of pics of Brix grows I can say I’m super excited. Tonight I’ll be triple checking my supplies to make sure I’m ready. I will try to cut my clones tonight or tomorrow. Just depends on timing with work. I’ll take pics and get it all posted as I go. Please feel free to offer any advice or tips you may have. I enjoy learning very much and never take anything personal. :48:


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It’s cloning time baby!! :woohoo::headbanger:

So I normally clone using a simple bucket with 2-3 air stones in it. No gels or powders ever. No fancy trimming or scraping. No humidity dome. Just cut the clone I like and slap a collar on her. I have easily over 90% success rate with that method. Something like this

Since I’m new to the kit I will be trying to follow all directions as closely as possible. This way it is hopefully easier to get tips or advice as I may need it. I bought some gel, a tray with a dome, and the peat plugs. I soaked my plugs in ro water for a few minutes and let them drip. I used a small tool to open the hole a little more as I was worried it would strip the gel off. I went through Powerplant and picked what I thought were 3 good ones like what I would’ve picked normally. As soon as they were cut I dipped them about 3/4” into the gel and then into the plugs. I trimmed the bigger fans off 2 but left one like I always do just for curiosity to see them side by side. Then I mixed up a little destress at 50% like the bottle says for clones. Gave them a misting trying to focus on the underside of the leaves. So here we are

That’s where we are at for now. Any tips or advice is certainly welcome. Thanks for following along! :48:
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