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Flump's Doc Bud High Brix Blend Grow, Dinamed CBD, 2019/12


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Looking very nice Flump! :yummy:

I gotta call you out (again I think) on how much Brix you're using. For a plant that size I would sat at least 1oz of h2o but more likely 2oz so you should start with 60ml of water and add 2ml of Brix. Doc, Duggan, anyone, please correct me if I'm wrong.

Thanks ween!
I'm 99.9% sure my maths are okay. 1oz seems a lot for a plant that size. She would be soaked if I used 30ml water.


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Well your plant looks great so.....

1/4 ounce of water just seems like not nearly enough. Even if you mixed 1 oz and didn't use it all.

Still wouldn't mind feedback from others on my thought that Flump should be mixing more than 7.5 ml of h2o with a few drops of brix.....

Regardless how much you use. 1oz of water with 1ml of brix IS the recommend ratio. I don't know how many ml is in a certain # of drops.



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Morning folks,
Hope everyone is safe and sound.

I just gave her 1gal water with 15ml GI and 1.5ml Tea. She looks healthy!

Doc, petioles are back purple but I can see they want to get green. What's the strategy here for them to stay green? Stronger Brix foliar? Same strength but more frequent?

Gov and ween, I tested with one of my pipette and 1ml is exactly 20 drops.

Have a nice day!


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Doc Bud

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I see them wanting to turn green and saw some that turned green before. See pictures a while back. Doc said that they can turn bright green even if genetic is purple. Only seems to happen in high-brix heaven.
Normal strength foliars on the normal schedule. We can consider increasing drenches by 50% as we go, but right now the plant is quite healthy so we just sit back and let the soil do all the work.

You're ready for the Cat Drench series next time they need a drink.
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