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Fluorescent lights for flowering?


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I am attempting my first grow. I have 8 plants in 5 gal. buckets, 4 each under a 48" shop light with fluorescents. I would like to use this same lighting fixture for flowering. Are there recommended lights to use for the flowering stage? And do you know where I can find the proper lights?

I am unemployed at the moment and cannot afford the more expensive lighting.

Your help is appreciated!


All you need is a 48" Fluorescent with Phosphorus the tubes when turned on will produces a red spectrum light needed for flowering. You can pick those types of bulbs up even at walmart in their lighting section.

The bulbs even at a Hydroponic store normally don't cost more than about $12 depending on the type of bulb. I use a Sun Blaze System 40,000 Lumen T5 HO bulbs and they cost me about $10 a bulb.


The packaging will tell you that the main color is spectrum temperature 3000K, if you look on amazon website. Run a search on google for T8 3000K Bulbs you will see you can get them pretty cheap.

Some bulbs depending on the manufacture will list not only the color temp of 3000K but will also list that it contains phosphorus.:bong:
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