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Flushed too early? Now what?


My Lemon Haze is now at day 73 and has about 80% cloudy and 18% and 2% amber clear trichomes.

The problem is I flushed a bit early (2 weeks ago) and the plant is now mostly devoid of green leaves, but could probably still go a week or two before being considered "ready".

Is it worth harvesting a bit early while the plant still has some life in the leaves. Or should I just let the fan leaves whither and wait another week or so?


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I would probably either keep it on water only or you could keep it on a very light flowering mix like a PK booster formula. At a light level like 300 ppm or something like that. I sometimes just dwindle down to that light flowering formula all the way right up to harvest rather than completely flush

Fuzzy Duck

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You may think OMG i've flushed way to early i'm not going to hit the sweet spot with trichome ripening you know what i mean mate.

But those little crystal of THC do often ripen during the slow air dry process & a little whilst curing !

Sounds pretty sweet to me :peace:

Dwight Monk

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As you not in soil I would think Weasel's advice of using a light feeding probably best, as no stored nutrients in hydro like medium and it does look like she needs another week or more (depending on what you are aiming for, as everyone slightly different opinions on that one).


I'm completely okay with a full on head high. I don't care much for body highs, as they generally put me to sleep. So I don't mind harvesting for a head high. Those photos were taken on Sunday. I also have 4 plants, so I'm considering maybe harvesting 1 or 2 now and letting the others run an additional week or so.
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