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Flushing: A Tutorial by Papa Green


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Hi there, so first time grower here and loving it!! But at same time learning... so I was wondering if anyone could let me know their thoughts on doing a sugar flush (Molasses) instead of just water you mix 1 Table spoon to a gallon or 3.7/4Litres, as I am being told it's great for the plants...? I use bat Guano as my nutr. Has anyone heard or do this? Thank you


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Hi! Readed a lot about flushing, but i think i got it wrong. Yesterday i was investigatng mu girl and decited to crop it after two weeks, so time to flush my girl. My girl lives in soil pot. Made a first flush ppm was 1300, so i continued to flush till i got almost same ppm as tap water, what is 240. But when i rereded some treads today i start to wonder did i did ir corectly?it was correct to flush all nutrians two weeks before and rely for last two weeks on what plant is stored in leaves? I ask because i readed in lot of treads that just stop feeding nutrians and juust give plain water.
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