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flushing again


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For soil growing there are some people that don't think any kind of flushing is necessary before harvest but most people say to stop using nutes a couple of weeks before harvest.

Does anyone here have first hand knowlege of ignoring this advise and ending up with a foul taste? What did you do that caused the bad taste exactly?

Also, has anyone used nutes to the end and liked the resulting product's taste? WWhat were you able to get away with exactly.

Flusing all the nutes out of the soil seems like pretty harsh treatment.


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Flushing the soil for about a week or so does change the flavor of the buds. If you've been feeding the plant enough bloom feed and don't do the flush, the ash of the buds stays black and sooty. It doesn't turn gray and puff into a cloud when you blow on it. Makes me wonder what people are smoking when I see it happen. Always rinse for at least a week when soil growing.
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