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Flushing City Council Approved Second Reading of Medical Marijuana Ordinance

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FLUSHING, Michigan – In less than a month a conservative medical marijuana ordinance will go into effect in Flushing.

Ordinance amendments regulating caregiver operations, marijuana possession and law enforcement was approved by the The Flushing City Council at Monday's meeting. The Flushing Planning Commission approved to send them to the city council at the May 2 meeting.

And while the city will allow caregivers to operate within the city limits, the guidelines are very restrictive.

Within the 4-square-mile city of Flushing caregivers can only operate in heavy commercial zoning areas by Special Use Permit.

The only heavy commercial zoning area in Flushing is on East Pierson Road between Elms Road and Main Street.

The law would go into effect 20 days after after publication.

"We're not trying to encourage (medical marijuana caregivers within the city). We're trying to control it," said City Attorney Ed Henneke. "We want to eliminate the problems that have seemed to crop up other places with a concentration of caregivers."

By state law the city can't eliminate the use of medical marijuana within the city, so Henneke said creating regulations is the next best thing.

"The only thing we can't do right now is prosecute. We're kind of caught between a rock and a hard place," Henneke said.

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