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Flushing Down Toilet Fails to Prevent Marijuana Arrest in Spokane


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An Airway Heights couple was arrested after authorities said they flushed more than 70 marijuana plants down the toilet, and a fire led to a second marijuana investigation in Spokane.

Two sheriff's deputies investigating pot production went to the home of Daniel I. Tenderholt, 24, and his wife Tawny L. Tenderholt, 23, on Tuesday and detected a "very strong odor of growing marijuana" when the door was abruptly shut on them, Sheriff's Sgt. Dave Reagan said.

After obtaining a search warrant, the deputies found the bare stalks of marijuana plants in a bedroom, the root balls wrapped in plastic bags and leaves and other debris around the toilet, Reagan said.

The Tenderholts were jailed for investigation of manufacturing a controlled substance, and their 3-year-old son was turned over to Child Protective Services.

Meanwhile, in Spokane, firefighters summoned by a neighbor reported finding pot plants in a house that caught fire Tuesday evening. The occupant, who was detained for questioning, said he was authorized to grow marijuana for medicinal purposes, police Lt. Dave McGovern said. An investigation was pending.

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