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Flushing plants grown in soil


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Although I use DWC for growing, I have some plants in 5 gal. soil grow bags. My question is, When do you know the plants are completely flushed? With DWC, I use ppm to determine when the plants are "flushed" and ready to harvest. Do I use the same method? Am I looking for the least ppm? , quantity of water used?...etc...?

And one last question...Is there a right time of the"day or night" to harvest these plants grown indoors?

Thanks for any advice...Bom Bom:Namaste:

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Re: Flushing plants grown in soil...

Flushing with soil is normally last 2 weeks of flowering this allows any excessive nutrients to be used up by the plant & that being a general rule of the thumb...

How ever i never seen or heard of people checking PPM for flushing plants grown in soil ?

Tap water has PPM value in less using R/O water which is very low PPM & if you was to go as far as checking run off from soil grown plants in pots... the run off aka leached water would off picked up trace value nutrients etc in the soil there for obscuring a true reading, so it is a bit pointless in my own opinion or any other form of measuring run off !

Harvesting it would appear seems to favor after a period of darkness (lights off) & their is some technical botany stuff which might be relevant ?

But a majority of people really don't notice much of a difference too be honest & if so it is minor...


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Re: Flushing plants grown in soil...

Thanks for the input.I have been and always use R/O water for my DWC and to add nutrients to these soil plants. I am flushing with this also. I ask because my plants are ready to harvest but I've only flushed them for nine days and don't want to ruin my crop with bad taste,etc.
I'll keep watching my trichomes but I don't want to harvest late!

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