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Flushing queries

Skunk No1

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Hi im after some info on flushing my plants if anybody could help me.
when should my plants be flushed?
and should i stop giving the plants nutrients once i have flushed them or do i need to flush them more than once?


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I totally get confused as what people mean by "flushing". But the way i look at it, some grows prefer to give their plants clean pH'd water at the end of the week to "flush" out excess nutes before feeding them.

The other flush which is the more common one is during harvesting. That is when you give your plants alot of clean pH'd water to remove all nutes from the soil and so the buds removes the nute taste. That usually happens 1-2 weeks before harvest time. When you flush for harvest, you dont give nutes afterwards, you keep flushing till day of harvest.

Hope this helps :)


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Ok, Im assuming your talking about harvest flushing, and not problem flushing.
harvest flushing is when you give them just PH'd water for the last week to week & a half right up to harvest day. You do this so you can clean all the sugars and salts, & nutes out of them. It helps give you much milder, tasty bud when you smoke. There's also a # of additives you can use during flushing, that will help bring out the buds natural flavors, or add additional flavors if you like. The cleaner the bud is at harvest time, the better the smoke will be. Just flush em about every 2 days for the last week with about a gallon of water, and theyll be happy. You can judge timing by looking at the trichomes through a pocket scope, when theyre about 40-50% amber you wanna start flushing.. I hope this helps you out anyway. Good luck and keep growing..
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