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Flushing to fix nute burn


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Hows it going everyone. I just had a couple of quick questions to ask about my grow..
I am seeing some light burning occuring. It is happening on the bottom most leaves of the plant. Anyway, they are not severe burns as they have only been fed twice each with 1/6th strength organic single nutrients.

What i am wondering is with almost everything ive been able to find about flushing to fix nutrient problems,have focused on soil less blends where the cure is 3x the pot ammount of pure ph water. What im wondering, wont that drown plants in soil?

Here are some pictures


And this is only on a total of 4 leaves. 2 leaves on 2 plants ONLY


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I am in the same boat as you... I flushed my plants while in the first week of flowering.today is day five and they still show sings of over feed.

I guess not same boat but still woundering about flushing.I used clean water ,just unclear as amout of water to soil ratio.I found it once on the net,hard finding it agin.
This is the first time I joined any threads of any sort.
I am also only using t5 ho lights red and blue for flowering.12/12 light
The kinda funny thing is I use a kelp seaweed organic really low numbers .01 .01 1.05
Thought I was being safe .
Don't think I am over watered them and it's nice and warm.
Any ideas?....


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Hey...newer grower here...

FLUSH the fuck out of them!!! Without worrying about the amount of water.

I was so freaked out about using 3x the amount of water as the bucket is holding but I did it and it worked out GREAT!

The problem with drowning your girls is in how well your medium drains. If you've got crappy drainage and the water just sits there without draining, you're going to drown them.

What happens with flushing is that the water passes right through and, sure, it leaves the soil drenched but there isn't any standing water there.

I HIGHLY recommend flushing as it really helped my grow immensely.

Do IT and don't worry about killing your plants.

Make sure you ph your water first...and put 3x the amount of water through them. You will not regret it unless you've got shitty drainage.

I've done it twice now and might just do it again before harvest.



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OK so 3x is what the octor ordered... Do they show extreme signs of overwatering? or do they handle it pretty decently?

I agree with the other guy, I just flushed my plants a couple weeks ago, I used a ppm meter to check the runoff as I was flushing the plants. I have 4 and 6 gallon soil pots it took at least 3X the pot size to bring the plant down to about 400-600ppm from 3500-5000ppm. :goodluck: Huge pain in the ass but the plants loved it!


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OK so 3x is what the octor ordered... Do they show extreme signs of overwatering? or do they handle it pretty decently?

Mine did not in fact they perked up really nicely. I've got pics in my journal right after the flushing. I did it on my last day of veg to flush out the veg nutes and then added the first wave of flower nutes. Click here

Scroll down a little bit to Day 47 and you'll see that I flushed with 4 gallons each but that was cause I had just flushed for the first time about 2 weeks or so before.

What type of soil are you using? I'm using FFOF with some Light Warrior mixed in.

Have you mixed your soil yet or are you hydro?? If soil, drainage is KEY..I know nothing about hydro.



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Im growing soil.
FFOF Organic Crutons and perlite mixed together in 1 gallon buckets. Im a little nervous about flushing too much simply because im the plastic grow bags which dont have the best drainage. One thing that I do have going for me however is that when building my shelves i put everything on a slope, and it does work. collects a nice puddle in the corner of the shelves away from the plants. but the problem is removing the water. I have been just using my shopvac to suck the water up and it has been working. but i need to find a better fix. A drainage pipe to a bucket wouldnt be hard at all.
I just began a flush on the little ones. Didnt give them 3x the potsize though because of my drainage concerns. Gave them about half a gallon each. 10 gallons for 21 plants.
Check my grow here the bomb shelter

And thank you so much for your help dood. Really appreciate it. And i think i can give reps now so ill give it a shot!


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Yes I did another flush today.3 days after the first flush looks like the are limping back.
This is just my seconed or third real grow was suppose to be the best yet bigger area etc wish pics were not so hard to load up.

I only really have my iPad to work with right now.

Thant you for the info glad that I joined up thank you agin.

I need to work out a better nuit schedule think I might have Ben drinking the night I over feed them lol dumb mistake..


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I think my water has changed ph on me.. My leafs started turning yellow and falling off the plants.and think my digital ph meter is broken not reading right.I think my ph whent up way high when I did a flush but everything reads normal.
And some leafs ridges are turned up.
Seems like they are getting worse after the flush. No standing water it seemed to pass right threw, I feel so bad for them they were so healthy now,they seem to be getting sick so slowly. There are no sings of any other pests.alll leafs are clean they are just getting weak and lifeless.

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As you know... test the water after nutes and then adjust the pH. At least they're alive. I learned the hard way long ago. As many others have as well I'll bet.


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You know I think I just figured it out..I didn't mix my soil very well last transplant and I think it is hotelier in the soil... I'm like only a week into flowering.. Is a transplant ok right now what's the best option for me..if I what to change most of the soul... Or is there a better way..

I know it has to be this soil it's the only thing I have changed In my grow..when I OPEC the bag I didn't even like the way it looked or smelled I knew it was a bad idea


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I am def on limited budget that's why I started grow..think my ph testers not working right and giving false readings ..it is a digital and when I put it in .. It starts high and then slowly comes down and sits between 6.5 and 7 but when it's first stuck in it spikes to 9.5 I think it could be a combination of ph tester and the soil mix that I have

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I wish I could tell you what to do but I can't. Not enough info. Probe meters suck. I'd say hang tight in the soil it's in. Give it a few days to a week and then see.

Don't over water them. Just let them acclimate to their new environment.

One thing loving gardeners do is... they often love their plants to death. Let mother nature do her thing.

Start preparing new soil now just in case. Just take it slow for the moment.


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Hay bro it help just bouncing ideas around helps sometimes .. Because yes I read a lot about people just keep adding food to them etc.....

That's the stage I'm at now just siting back and letting them do there thing.

One of them dosnt seem to be using that much water it is the biggest plant.it is also the slowest.to show the sings of budding ...lol it was my favorite the whole time lol.. I'm sure they will make it I was just hopping this was going to be the biggest and best yet lol.. Well my next clones I got are taking well..

The plants I have are ..william wonder ..purple kush..plumb..black jack..blueberry skunk..and some othe bubble one I alway forget it's name hahahha...

So what's new with your grow ? Gravity?

You have a journal or something I could check out.

And thank you for the note on that probe meters suck that's good to know I really like first had experience..


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I will prepare some new soil...

Thanks agin.!

Sorry about the previous message I was in a hurry..just wanted to say that I am taking your advice and just siting back and keeping a close eye on them.
I'm no writer by any stretch of the imagination,so hope you will bare with me..
I should start a detailed grow journal on here.would be easier to receive help tha way,...more plans for the future..
Have fun Ty
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