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Flushing too soon?

Gadget Man

Hey folks. Three buckets of Pharm Dream. The directions say 10 week finish. I started the flush on week 9. It's now halfway through week 11 and I still have clear bulbs. Buds didn't get really big. I guess all I can do is keep flushing. I cut the light from 12/12 to 11/13 helping the girls "feel the fall season". Using a Mars hyro II 900w led (Is it really?).



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You can't go by the directions-those are flowering times under perfect conditions,
grown by experienced professional growers.
You pretty much have to wait for the trichomes to tell you when they're really ready.
From the look of the trichs,you've got a ways to go,put them back on 12/12 and wait it out.
Flushing doesn't help them get "ripe" any faster-it just washes the nutes out of the soil-in
fact,if you flush too early,it can affect your yield,in a negative way.

**edit** didn't notice you're in hydro-my flushing info may not apply..
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