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Flushing Township Board Discusses Prohibiting Medical Marijuana Dispensaries

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FLUSHING TOWNSHIP, Michigan – One thing that seemed certain at Thursday's Board of Trustees meeting was that no one knew exactly if they wanted to ban medical marijuana dispensaries or not.

But after a person recently called the township asking if there was a law against dispensaries, Supervisor Terry Peck wanted to be prepared with an answer next time.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit medical marijuana dispensaries, defined in the ordinance as "any individual, corporation, partnership, limited liability company or other entity which cultivates, produces, possesses, stores, transports, sells, transfers or otherwise provides medical marijuana to any person, including a registered qualifying patient ..."

The only exception would be if the individual or entity is the registered primary caregiver for the registered patient.

With many municipalities confused over what they can and cannot regulate, some board members weren't sure which direction to go.

The decision was tabled until the July 14 board meeting.

Township Attorney Steve Moulton said the township has every right legally to prohibit dispensaries since they are not mentioned in the state statute.

"State statue doesn't permit that," he said. "(The ordinance) only attempts to prohibit a facility that would act solely as a dispensary."

Some board members thought it would be moot to create a law that was the same as the state restrictions.

"What is the purpose? You're in violation of state law regardless," said Trustee Mike Gardner.

Moulton, however, said a township ordinance would allow officials to prosecute at a local level.

In light of the dispensary inquiry that came in earlier this week, Peck was really hoping to see a decision made Thursday.

"We might have a dispensary between now and next month," he said.

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