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Flushing with Florakleen to reduce P toxicity


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All was going so well, then blammo, over 3 days' time it looks like I have an excess of P along with accompanying iron deficiency.

I haven't been supplementing ANY P, but I did transplant into FFOF soil 2 weeks ago, started bloom a week ago, and began using Nirvana which maybe made it so my plant started getting faster/easier access to the P in my soil?

From another forum, I was able to pinpoint it to an excess, rather than a deficiency.

I need to fix it, fast! I just ordered some florakleen, in hopes that this will help? I even paid a freaking arm & leg for overnight delivery.

What do y'all think? Oh, I'm scrogging, so it's difficult to do too much due to the girls being so spread out/knitted into the screen.

Thanks for your time!
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