Fluxing It Up One Last Time! The Flux To End All Fluxes! LA Style!


This is going to be a long journey and one where I'll document everything one last time and in more detail than ever before!

The fun bit being this will become the biggest flux ever! Im going bonkers with my little method and won't stop going until we have a 2M long flux!

So let's have some info!

Strain is gonna be either a Dedoverde haze or a Pineapple Skunk by HSO

Medium will be soil, my own recycled mix!

Lighting will be a mix of every bit of new tech from Budmaster!

Where were at, its just about to get topped and planted up!


My aim will be 50 oz from her and I personally believe it easily doable! ;)

I was going to use a huge planter and then bury the heals of each limb for rooting. Yet UltraDan is doing this experimentation and to be honest I'm a purest and love my fluxing to be about perfect flow! So instead this girl will be in a normal cloth pot. Starting at 5 gal then moving up!

So folks if you want to learn to flux from the source here's where! I'm going to provide total video coverage of all major processes and go into finite detail as I do it! This will be my last salute, so I'm gonna make it a good one! :)

Any questions just fire away! Thanks to all who sub up and I'll do my best to put on one hell of a show! ;)
subbed , and i think youll get 50 oz easy i got 59 doing a scrogged version of your flux ,not a pure flux at all but i used the style as a guide , you do some very inspirational growing LA and thats what we need more off ,more doc browns, crazy scientist types with a passion for thier craft , cause its bloody rad!

happy i got in on page 1 booooyooooow!
Subbed!! Damn, I didn't mean to mess up your plans for this Flux my man!! Certainly did not mean to step on any toes if I did. :loopy::loopy:

This is gonna rock!! 2M Flux is going to produce a monster! :roorrip::bong:
Welcome CatnipTC and hellooo MrAm4zin :)

Ultra my friend, lol no worries there! I have been pontificating for an age on when to flux it up proper again and have mulled the bedding of the limbs for rooting since my first ever flux! Its now been a few years lol, so its not your fault but my own slow ass for taking so long. Plus as ya know I love my flow and will just try and push a flux to the max!

Photos! :). Your very kind indeed :) after my daft DeathStar of bud build, that I'm currently wading through, a monster flux seems quite boring and normal :) but let's be honest who's ever gonna grow a globe of a plant again! Its a stupid venture but a giggle! So yep bonkers I may be but fun I do have! :)
I have no idea what this is but, it sure sounds cool! How can I see the posts? Thanks!

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K no pics posted yet my friend, but here's a pic or 2 of my last flux! :)

I would disagree with the thought of this being "stupid venture" lol. You are pushing the limits of what indoor growers can accomplish, which is increasingly important with more and more people taking up growing, whether or not it is state or country legal. So, for a stealth grower, like myself and countless others here, you are showing that is is possible to have abundant harvests under artificial light.

It might seem redundant or petty to you to grow out another flux, but realize that you have opened a door for other growers that will most likely never close.
I'm in for the ride!:surf:
Subbed! Looking forward to getting fluxed lol!

How many Oz did you pull from your last flux LA? Sorry if you already posted it. This will give my minds eye a picture of what a 50 Oz flux will look like.

Thanks Bud!
Hey Dr :)
She did OK lol, not what I wanted as she was really crap genetics and was so wiry and thin in structure! Yet she came in over the 20 oz mark and she was my first 20+ girl so I was happy in the end!
This flux is going to do far better, mainly due to the fact I'm picking my girl from 6 HSO girls that I'm going to graft off. So I'll pick best structure out the lot and get going :) 50 oz may be a low target to be honest for a flux of 2M but its a nice round number lol :)
Holy Moly!

2x as big as that last monster is going to be incredible. How long will it take you to train it before going into flower? Also what characteristics do you look for on a good fluxing candidate?
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