Fluxing It Up One Last Time! The Flux To End All Fluxes! LA Style!

Teddy Edwards

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Hope all is well in your world.

Thanks for sharing this grow with us.

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Hey Shawnee, Tutt is an awesome strain, one I haven't grown out since Gert, way back when! It trains well and can handle pretty much anything you throw at it, bar over feeding.
I'm excited to be running a few Tutt girls this round as looking forward to finding some phenos! :)

Now as were miles away from useful pics of these wee fluxes, here's a big ball of bud!
Omg a world made of buds omgg amazinggg


Grow Journal of the Month: Oct 2017
Good I just spent the whole day reading about how awesome you are... I was sent here cause one of my girls went bonsai and I was intrigued.... NOW with fluxxing..... completely INSPIRED....!!!!


His techniques definitely inspired and helped me win a grow journal of the month honor.

Good stuff!


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I would disagree with the thought of this being "stupid venture" lol. You are pushing the limits of what indoor growers can accomplish, which is increasingly important with more and more people taking up growing, whether or not it is state or country legal. So, for a stealth grower, like myself and countless others here, you are showing that is is possible to have abundant harvests under artificial light.

It might seem redundant or petty to you to grow out another flux, but realize that you have opened a door for other growers that will most likely never close.
KICKED OPEN that door!


Grow Journal of the Month: Oct 2017
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