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Flying Dutchman - Mixed Sativa Divas


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anyone ever try this one?

Mixed Sativa Divas
4 Thai-Tanic
4 Swazi Safari
4 Fumar con Dios

11 Seeds Per Packet (not 12?)
Priced at: £32

buy marijuana seeds from the flying dutchman

im interested in this Pineapple Punch too.

Pineapple Punch is chunky and skunky with a distinctive pineapple taste and smell. Very cerebral in effect. This strain can be crossed with the Real McCoy and / or other extreme Sativa types to great effect.
Strain: Mostly Sativa
Parentage: Skunk No.1 & Real McCoy
Planting: Indoor / Outdoor (warm climates preferred)
Flowering: 63-70 days / end Oct
Yield: High

heres thier royal orange, just because


Sorry took 2+ years to get back to you. At 8 weeks 12/12 with Swazi Safari and fuma con dios. Big plants, not topped nor trained, Swazi about 5' tall with long thin cola, dense looking buds and plenty of them. The Fuma Con Dios has a shorter but very, very thick cola, buds are large everywhere and held up higher to the light than the Swazi, mostly due to cola length of Swazi. Fuma is about 4' tall and no where near done. Swazi about 2 weeks from completion.
Seed pack had 12 seeds, not individually indentified, as in mixed sativas. And, they are divas!
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