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Flyinhigh's Ebb & Flow - 1st Hydro Attempt

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What strain: white widow x big bud, lemon kush, ice kush, and super silver haze
Is it in veg or flower: veg
If veg, how long? ~2 and a half weeks
Indoor/outdoor? Indoors
Hyrdo or soil? Hydro ebb and flow
Size of light? 1x400 watt MH/HPS currently
Is it air cooled? No
RH of room? 60-80%
Temp of room? Fluctuates with outside temps, right now between 65-85 fariegnhiefht
Ph of media or res? 5.8-6.1
Any pest? No, a few spiders here and there though
Type of nutrients? GH micro, grow, and bloom started 1/2 strength yesterday @ 50 mL of each per gallon

I started my grow in a storage building in the backyard. I have seperated it into a veg and flower room with the veg room being 9'x6' and the flower room which is 9'x10'. I haven't quite finished everything yet, but I should have the veg room up and running this weekend.

Currently I have a 4" fan with a carbon filter for the veg room, where it exhausts into the flower room, then exhausts out. I'm getting a 6" fan for the flower room with a carbon filter.

I only have one flood tray up right now, setting up my second this weekend, but I have 25 gallon res's on both trays. Going to have one tray for seedlings/clones, then two for different veg stages. My flower room is either going to be made from 5 gallon buckets attached to a main res or huge flood trays, I haven't made up my mind.

But it's late, so I'll post more pics and info tomorrow. Any advice? Like I said its my first hydro attempt, so Nutes are a new ball game to me.
Re: Flyinhigh's ebb and flow {1st hydro attempt}

For your nutes, you said your starting at half strength at 50 ml per gallon? Thats extremely high. Im pretty sure standard dose is 5 ml per gallon so half strength would be 2.5 ml? Correct me if im wrong, might have been a typo, I just dont wnt you killing your girls before they had a chance.
Re: Flyinhigh's ebb and flow {1st hydro attempt}

Sorry, I meant I added 50ml of each nute for a 20 gal res. I forgot what my ml to gal was. It's late lol.

Your right though kraw, I would have some crispy girls lol.
Haha you got that right!!
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Re: Flyinhigh's ebb and flow {1st hydro attempt}

Some more info, my water ppm from the faucet is ~30, ppm of nutrient solution is around 325.

And as for intake, I have 20" workth of passive intake into the veg room, no intakes in the flower room. I'll post pics of that in a bit.

Had a little heat spell a few days ago, so girls are showing some heat stress. I raised the light to try to ease some heat off. I have a box fan and 2 circulating fans blowing on them at the moment.

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Re: Flyinhigh's ebb and flow {1st hydro attempt}

Just covered the intake holes in veg room with window screen to keep out insects and critters. Just after I finished I found this little guy sunbathing under my light in the green jungle lol.

Also finished the Mylar in veg room. Hopefully getting another pump and black tubing tomorrow. I'll be getting the new res and table Saturday. Then I'll put both setups on the shelf in the veg room, later on I'll add another tray and res.
Re: Flyinhigh's ebb and flow {1st hydro attempt}

That lizard was just hanging out in your grow and it aint yours? Damn lucky find! He would likely eat small bugs, but not as small as the ones we usually worry about.

Seems like he likes plants. Why not get him a little cage to make sure you dont find him on your face some morning hahahah!

Lookin good!
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Re: Flyinhigh's ebb and flow {1st hydro attempt}

Thanks J, and those guys are common around here, just not in my plants lol.

I should have my veg room setup this evening. Getting a 6" fan for my flower room and moving my 4" to veg. Also have a 1200 watt for my flower room as soon as I go up north and pick it up. I have setup another flood tray and res, just waiting on my pump now. Also have some cal/mag on the way since I'm on well water, and from my understanding well water is usually lacking both. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Also yesterday I started germinating 2 skunk seeds, 1 amnesia seed, 1 NYC diesel seed, and another white widow. I'll also be transplanting into bigger pots Saturday. Whenever my seeds germinate I'll put them in solo cups with ph'ed rockwool. I usually don't add Nutes till around a week, and then it's quarter strength.

But should I add cal/mag to my seedling resevoir? Or wait till I add Nutes?
Re: Flyinhigh's ebb and flow {1st hydro attempt}

I noticed some heat stress on your girls in your pictures, either that or your humidity shot really low for a day or two. Did you have a heat spell when you took the pictures because your temps and humidity seem to be okay?
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Re: Flyinhigh's ebb and flow {1st hydro attempt}

Kraw, yes my plants have seen several days above 100 degrees since it is in an outside shed. The temps are something I can't control, and my plants suffered for it. But the days have gotten chilly now, or atleast into the 65-75 degrees range. They have shown considerable improvement as far as the heat stress.

Another thing, I defoliated them around Tuesday, also supercropped a bit and switch my light to the glr routine. On at 6am-6pm on again from 11:30pm-12:30am.
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re: Flyinhigh's Ebb & Flow - 1st Hydro Attempt

Quick update, sorry for not having any pictures yet. Just hard wired the building, put another 400 watt up for veg. Total of 800 Watts on 4 plants currently. They are having a field day and I almost hate to say I'm running short on space. I have two 600 watt Apollo digital ballasts. Also have 2 600 watt adjust-a-wings. Just got a clone and coco cor to clone in. I'm making a trip to the hydroponics store tomorrow morning to grab up a few slabs of rockwool. Also looking to get a 6" fan/filter combo while in there.
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re: Flyinhigh's Ebb & Flow - 1st Hydro Attempt

Sorry they aren't the best, I was trying out my new tablet.

I changed my reservoirs today. Added 280 ml each of general hydroponics tthree part program. Along with 75ml of h2o2 and 220ml of call mg. That's for my big girls. And they have a 27 gal res.

For the seedlings I only added 10ml h2o2 and 10ml of cal mg to a 26 gal res.
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re: Flyinhigh's Ebb & Flow - 1st Hydro Attempt

Hey guys. Just picked up an octocloner bucket and a big boy 6 pot ebb and flow system. Ill have pictures of the ebb and flow system soon.

The girls are doing well. Its about time for another defo session, then another week in veg till I switch to flower. Hopefully everything goes well.

One question though, does anybody know if a 1/10 Hp chiller will keep a 55gal res cool in 80-90 degree f?