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Foggoponics anyone?

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Has anyone tried this form of hydroponics? I have reasearched it a bit but haven't heard a lot about it. I know from experience that the greenouse industry has had great sucsess with fogoponics and aeroponics for cloning, full plant production, and foliar feeding. Some greenhouses in arid locations use foggoponics to help regulate the air temperature and humidity.

I have bought a cheap Nutramist fogger. Its a single head fogging system that can be used with most hydroponic solutions. :smokin:

Comments, notes and or recommendations of any new hydroponics systems like this will be greatly appreciated.
'Ive only herd great things about using a fog system in conjunction with dwc/Deep Water Culture or any hydro setup for that matter especially NFT.
Nutrient film technique, search it. It's been around for a while at is quite possibly the quickest most effective hydro method IMO.
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hmmm sounds like i need to catch up on my homework. Thanks guys/gals
I think stinkbud's flowering method is a mix of NFT/Aero. Many people have tried to top the technique while keeping it as simple as his system but I have yet to hear about anyone succeeding.
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Interesting. Are you reffering to the TOP as in Fimming technique or foliar feeding through aero/fogg-oponics? Im going to see if I can find stinkbuds posts/journals and read up.
Oh no way. I'm not as arrogant to top something after only 1 grow under my belt but I am very curious about how things can be improved.


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i use my own mini versions of the stink bud system. the only way i see improving on this is to make it a high pressure system instead of the low pressure. if it sprayed on everything as a mist instead of droplets. other then that it just comes down to how you like to grow your plants. i like the stink bud system for now but im eventually going to get an aquamist table.
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Hey everyone. The fog maker has been turned off the plants are now stable and mature enough to support growth just through Deep Water Culture. :p the heat wasn't too bad when the fog ran 24/7 but the leaves were never really dark green.
Now that they are on Deep Water Culture, the leaves are green and flowers are emerging.
Feelin good about how to use my home made system now. :smokin:

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When you say Fogponics, do you mean using a fogger and a DWC res?
I bought a DWC hydro kit that came with a fogger from Sunlightsheds and I was told to run the fogger 24 hours a day. The fogger heated up my res to over 90 degs and my plants started wilting very bad. I shut the fogger off immediatetely. I bought a water chiller and am back to using the fogger 24 hours a day and am having very good results. I have not seen anyone else use this system before.
Do you guys think that the ultrasonic foggers would be suitable for an organic feeding regime? Something tells me that they just might get clogged/stuck quickly and kill off any beneficial microbes you might have swimming around in your res. But I could be wrong. Anyone know for sure?